Renaming the OTCs

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by modernmajorgeneral, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Seeing as they produce so few officers, aren't deployable and almost everyone is an Officer Cadet, should OTCs be renamed:

    University Cadet Forces?
  2. like it, catchy.

    Also stripme away the type b commision etc, and the pay.

    There is benefit enough as it is, without the pay. And I feel the goals of the UCF could be reached just as easily.
  3. If you take away the pay no bugger'll join. I sacked it in after a few months with my OTC because it ate all my spare weekends when I could've been earning more.
  4. earning more maybe, but a night shift in McDonalds wont teach and develop you in the way that the OTC can.
  5. I agree with chocolate frog. Anyone who is keen and motivated will join the UCF because the training, especially the AT carrot, is incentive enough. I think by doing so you will encourage the right sort of individual, who is more dedicated to carry the training through to a commission, whether regular or TA.
  6. I was OTC and was desperate to go regular, but picked up a permenant injury. I reckon about 20% of those who completed one term went on to join regular/ta.

    Others like myself have gone into civvy jobs with a real respect for the armed forces and the chances that OTCs gave us.

    Removing all pay would be a mistake. Should OCDTs be paid the same as a TA private who can be mobilised after a year? Probably not. However the OTC cost me a lot of money (any extra kit as I committed more and more; eg. softie etc) and AT is not cheap.

    Renaming... my initial reaction would be no. Just because when I was OTC I'd have found it insulting to be associated with ACF, yet I obviously do not condone any more "warry" name, as regs/ta would find anything associating them with the OTC insulting.
  7. A name change would/might be in order but not including the word "Cadet"

    Alternatively perhaps the mission could be altered??

    See the ROTC's is

    "To commission the future officer leadership of the United States Army"
  8. Yeah, but have you heard to ROTC cadet creed? Despite being compulsary, including things such as organised PT at the universities etc after three years they're little better than a lot of OTC uni brats after only one year.

    I would hate to see the OTC go down the ROTC route
  9. Alternatively, here's a really radical idea - if it isn't broken, don't fix it!

    The name is fine. So they don't roll out Officer after Officer, that was always more of a side benefit than the main aim.
  10. Perhaps something more appropriate eto this side of the pond.............

    "lets get pi$$ed!!" :lol: :lol:
  11. And trap the 19 year old unit bike :D
  12. Also true. The purpose behind the OTC (as I interpret it) was to give the future leaders of tomorrow an understanding of the armed forces so that they would look more favourably upon it in the future...

    ...I think they have maybe lost their way of late. The main effort now seems to be pushing as many cadets through as they can to Sandhurst. Certainly it would appear to me that CO's are more concerned about the numbers that they push through the TASO, AOSB, TACC route. If that's the case, then maybe a rethink of the whole thing is required.
  13. I agree with the "aint broke - don't fix" idea. It broadly achieves what it sets out to do: give people an understanding of army life and practices. Some will be inspired to join, some will have always wanted to join and be able to do green stuff while at uni, and some will gain a better understanding of the army which they can take into civi life.

    I'm one who had every intention of joining the military - either regular or TA. But came out realising it wasn't for me for a few different reasons (I joined plod instead). I'm still immensly pro-military (hence my participation on this site) and wouldn't rule out joining the TA in a few years.

    It still achieved its mission when it came to me though. It gave me an insight - and saved wasted time, misery and money (on both the army's and my part) which may have happened if I went in and realised later on that it wasn't for me. It gave me a greater understanding of soldier's and the army, made me more sympathetic to the army and its soldiers and made me a more rounded person (I'd like to think).

    Yes, I did gain financially - yet I would still have joined if we weren't paid. However, to make it a tempting propspect for those who wouldn't have thought of joining then the inscentive of cheap booze and money is always going to be a draw for student. I suppose it did attract some of the "wrong sorts" - but they left very quickly. At the end of the day a lot of students need money and a big committment through the OTC would probably be extremely hard for many as they'd probably have to get jobs elsewhere. However, there is certainly an argument for limiting the amount that can be paid to OCDTs.

    As for the name - having "officer" in the title is, I suppose, a status thing. However, in my OTC we all certainly new our place and understood our status. I can't think of any instances of anyone ever being "juimped up".
  14. msr

    msr LE

    'the'? You mean there's only one?
  15. probably most are 20 or 21