ren/wren/ leave.....dont even know how to spell it

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 22yearlancejack, May 17, 2003.

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  1. who can stop you or how can you be stopped for taking your ren, exercise, ops, they need you

    and how long do i get to take it and how long have i got to take it....i qualified for it a few years ago but ive been fobbed off for any info for it so help me i think my time is running out    

    im on my 13 year 5 month point
  2. Re-engagement leave (hence Ren) is given to you at your 11 year (providing you haven't signed off) and 17 year point.  It's an extra 20 working days leave, that must be taken in blocks of 5 (ie a week at a time).  You have 2 years to take it, but lose it the second you sign off.  It should only be denied for what I think they call Level 5 commitments (someone correct me if I'm wrong), that means Ops and the like, although I've been denied for more paltry reasons, like exercises.

    You can request a longer time to take it, but would have to be agreed thru the CO, and MCM.
  3. so i reached my 11 year point in jan 2001 its now may 2003 have i missed it?? have my unit managed to rip me off again??????
  4. I suggest you request an immediate OC's interview to settle this matter.  It is not unknown for clerks to file the RENLEAVE authorisation received from your MCM without informing the individual concerned.
  5. How can you take REN leave if you have spent 6 months a year on operations, exercises and post op tour leave.

     The answer is to give a tax free cash bonus for those who reach those points instead of a few days off.  The squaddies would rather prefer the cash to 20 days leave.
  6. "...give a tax free cash bonus for those who reach those points instead of a few days off.."

    Sacrilege!!  I became eligible for renleave at some point in the early eighties, knew full well (as did my unit) that I had no hope of taking it, let alone my full normal entitlement, asked for cash in lieu and almost found my buttons stripped from my tunic, pen broken across the knee and sent stumbling into the desert.  I was regarded as a subversive for years afterwards.
  7. It is down to the attitude of the unit.  My last unit just laughed when you got your re-leave chit from the Admin Office, and if you dared claim it you may as well walk around with a bid card around your neck daubed with "I took re-leave and am a traitor to the cause"
  8. Still, asking my boss for an extra 4 weeks off when I have managed the princely total of 4 days off in 6 months would at least give hime something to giggle about-as for the other extreme-last time round the leave clerk kept loosing paperwork and I ended up taking about 10 weeks ren leave as she kept sending me memos to remind me (dozey moo)
  9. Happened to me !!  Told I had REN leave left over when I signed off.  Thought 'excellent, an extra 20 days leave on top of resettlement'.  Planned to leave in November, and come the time to present leave/termination passes (if I remember correctly, I annotated the top of my leave pass in red 'REN'), etc, it was duly noted by the RAWO who then read me the regulations governing REN leave.  SNATCH !!  The leave pass was sent to the shredder quicker then a 5.56 round through a fig 11 target !!  Another month to stag on !!  'Thanks' I said !!
  10. Ren leave doesn't have to be taken in blocks of 5 days anymore, you can take them as single days. I know this still doesn't help you take them but you may get a couple of your days in.
  11. I had both lots of Ren leave, unless things have changed recently the only real thing that can stop you taking Ren leave is for operational reasons.
    The adjt at the unit I was at at the time tried to block me taking the last 2 weeks of my Ren leave, so I photo copied the DIN and resubmitted my leave pass with it attached. I went on leave.
  12. ******* hell, I think he might have lost it seeing the orginal dates are 2003!
  13. There are several things that stop you taking your REN leave:

    1. Ops, or build up training for Ops.

    2. A Shite Admin Office that hasn't informed you that you are entitled to it. A letter is sent to your Unit from APC Glasgow to inform them of your entitlement, this letter can end up getting slipped into your P-File without you knowing, and is often 6 months late from Glasgow anyway. Your OC will have seen it in the Sub-Units First Sight file, if He's/She's a cnut then they will instruct the clerk to file it.

    3. A Die hard Stick-in-the-Mud CSM that thinks that as he/she missed there's, then you to should miss your's.

    4. Yourself. This is a very similar stance to that of the CSM. You are scared that the whole place will fall apart if you're not there and therefore fail to take it.

    You have 2 years to take it. It can be taken in blocks of 5 days i.e. 5 days, 10 days, 15 days or all at once. You can't add it onto your normal leave entitlement i.e. taken as an extra 5 days on top of Christmas leave.

    So unless tour lengths have changed to 1 year, there is no other reason why you shouldn't be able to take it all.

    As many people miss out on there first batch of REN leave, this is also the time in your career that you also wake up to the fact that those that you have marvelled at for all those years, couldn't really give a toss about you.

    Annoyed that you have missed out on this 'Perk' that is awarded for your length of service, you will now enter a phase of you carrer where you will slowly begin to realise that life isn't as rosey or as sweet as some will have you believe.

    Bitter and Twisted, Parochial and Cynical are all paraphrase that you will now also begin to hear being linked to your name.

    Their is no Cash Alternative, so take it.

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