Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TARE, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. What are the qualification for REN leave? Im coming up to my 17yr point and have been informed that I should qualify for my second allotment of REN leave.
    Also got told you are not infomed anymore and have to set it up yourself.

    Can someone please clarify my position.
  2. I believe you get your second lot at your 17 year point up to your 20 year point and same rules as the first lot....taken in five day blocks. Be careful though as i nearly lost mine and had to cram in a few weeks instead of normal leave so i didnt lose it..... (previous posting wouldnt let me use RENleave)
  3. sounds correct to me.

    had to use REN also so ended up darrying annual leave over.

    use it, don't lose it.
  4. Our leave clerk told me that it can be taken as individual days now not in 5 day blocks. Also there is no time limit to get it in even though 3 years is recommended. She said that the only stipulation is that you cannot use as part of your terminal leave.
  5. also been briefed you can use it up in single days now. but was not told about any change to the 3 year thing.
  6. Ok, Ren Leave can be extended but only by authority from APC, however, Ren Leave is now administered by units, i.e they keep a database of all personnel on strength who enlisted prior to Dec 1999 (as those are the only personel eligiable) at there 11 year point and there 17 year point, send letters to them telling them that the are eligiable (sugest that the APC letter is bastardised), send them reminders to take there Ren Leave within the 3 years allocated or apply to JPAC PACC to extend, update JPA, through Element Entries, there entitlement, which will in turn ensure that it comes up as an option when the Self Service User books leave, the balance goes down through element entries when you put Ren Leave in as a Self Service user, the same applies to GRT and POTL.

    The book (JSP) still states periods of 5 days plus, unless anyone knows different.