We at the Rifles are been told that no matter wether you have just received your 20 days renleave or have had it a year when JPA kicks in it will be lost from the system. Has anyone else been told this or got any firm advice on it as our clerks seem clueless god bless them. :frustrated:
I haven't heard anything, but I decided to take my renleave this year. As they say "make hay while the sun shines" and I had some time inbetween postings. Adding renleave to ALA is great - I've just been off work for a month! I took 2 weeks Renleave and 2 weeks ALA. Feb is a great time to take it, cos it means you're on leave for over a month. (20 weekdays plus 5 weekends). On the downside, the missus has beasted me for plumbing, rendering walls, painting and decorating, gardening. Can't wait to go back to camp and get some hardcore boozing in.
I asked at our place and was told that the clerks will be running manual (old style) leave cards for renleave. However if I have been lied to I wont be a very happy chappy.


Simple solution lads. Get your leave clerk to print off your leave record from Unicom before JPA goes live. When JPA goes pear shaped you have the document to prove you had leave remaining so that an adjustment may then be made.

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