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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whitemouse75, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. can someone give me a brief update, ie when do you get it and how many days is it?

    edit: found it , thanks whitemouse

    Re-engagement Leave, also known as RENLEAVE or "leave on prolongation of Service", is granted to those soldiers who joined the Army before 31 March 1999 as compensation for the postponement of terminal leave.
    20 working days RENLEAVE may be granted to eligible soldiers who have committed themselves to 12 years continuous Colour service having completed 11 years continuous Colour service.
    20 working days RENLEAVE may also be granted to eligible soldiers who have committed themselves to 18 years continuous Colour service having completed 17 years continuous Colour service.
    A soldier who signifies an intention to leave the Colours is no longer eligible for RENLEAVE.
    Not more than one period of RENLEAVE is admissible to soldiers eligible under either qualifying criterion.
    RENLEAVE is to be taken at the earliest convenient opportunity after qualifying for it, either separately or in addition to any other form of leave (except terminal leave) for which the soldier is eligible.
    RENLEAVE is to be taken within the first three years after the soldier has qualified for it, and may be taken in individual periods of not less than 5 working days.
  2. just getting time to fit it in is the nause at the minute, i have 2 weeks to fit in by the end of the year along with 4 weeks leave & a tour starting in a couple of weeks time also.

    best bit is the unit has decreed that no leave will be carried forward, where the feck do you fit the feckin days in????
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    It's not up to the unit anymore, up to 15 days untaken leave will now be carried forward automatically. It came out on a DSPSI or somesuch recently - I'll dig it out tomorrow and post the details on here.

    There was also something about being able to add untaken RENLEAVE to Terminal leave, I posted the relevant DSPSI HERE.
  4. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    From JSP 760


    Up to 15 days' Annual Leave that remains untaken at the end of each leave year will be carried forward automatically to the next leave year.

    1.011 Periods in excess of 15 days' untaken Annual Leave may be carried forward to the next leave year subject to the approval of the CO. The carrying forward of Annual Leave in excess of 15 days should be authorised only where it can be taken in the following year without impairing operational efficiency or impacting unfairly on work colleagues and where there is a reasonable expectation of it being taken. The opportunity to 'stockpile' large amounts of excessive Annual Leave is to be discouraged.

    1.012 Service personnel wishing to carry forward Annual Leave in excess of 15 days are to apply in writing through the Chain of Command to the CO for this to be sanctioned. The carry forward of excess Annual Leave may be authorised where that leave remains untaken for Service reasons or where, exceptionally, Service personnel request an unusually long period of leave for personal reasons.
  5. Knocker,

    You can also ask the admin officer to apply to records for a 1 year extension, statint due to work commitments etc you have not been able to fit it all in, they were quick to send my confirmation through by post, i think you can't take it within the last 5 days of that 3-4 year point.
    I have just managed to fit my last 5 days in before it ran out next week.

  6. Whitemouse, this is a quote from DSPS(A) which came into effect in June 2006.

    RENLEAVE may now be added to terminal leave in extremis, although the normal requirement to take it as soon as possible after qualifying and within 3 years of qualification at the outside remains. Therefore, the new rule will only apply in exceptional circumstances. When such a requirement arises a formal case explaining the reason for delay beyond 3 years or addition to terminal leave should be submitted to higher authority, normally the brigade of garrison commander, for authorization.

    The normal rules u already have.