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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by swedusthebleep, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. I have been detatched to another unit for a bit, and decided to put in for 2 weeks worth of my hard earned REN leave after my time away.
    Got a phone call of the boss and told me it was all hands to the pumps due to a technical inspection next week and I had to come in. Ok, like a keen little squaddie, I put aside the knowledge that only Ops could cause cancellation of REN leave and decided to help the cause.
    Tipped up on Monday morning to find the majority (all except 10) of my company had buggered off on adventure training, leaving me the only senior from the platoons to run the place (ok only 10 blokes, but still annoyed at it).
    My questions are:
    Can REN leave only be cancelled for Ops, or is this just a nasty rumour?
    If this is true - what can I do about it?
    (Apart from skiffing the bosses mug - he seems to spend his life in HQ and I come out in a rash if I go up there)
  2. sounds like they are being jack as f*ck. i think it's true and you have been seen off!!!!!
  3. When i got mine, i was informed that it could only be refused for operational reasons, however if you haven't been able to take your full entitlement then you can apply for a 1 year extension as long as your unit can justify why you haven't been able to take it.

    Ps I lost my first lot because of Ops reasons even though i had a 1 year extension and i am only just able to take my second lot in the final few months of a 1 year extension, just to let you know you are not on your own. :)

  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    REN leave is subject to the same acceptance criteria as normal leave - if you're needed at work they can still refuse it.

    Once granted though, it can only be retracted for Ops - so if the boss has signed it and you get asked to come in, you can tell him to fcuk off unless your going somewhere sandy.

    And yes, you have been seen off! Make sure the clerks chase this up and your REN leave entitlement is still accurate and you have not had days deducted which you have now worked. Also remember REN leave must be taken in blocks.
  5. While based at Somme Barracks Catterick Garrison back in the mid 1980's I requested, as Chief Clerk a computer printout from Infantry Manning and Records of every single soldier in the Battalion and those at ERE who were eligible to take their 28 days RENLEAVE.

    The list came back about a week later with over 200 names on it.

    Being pretty keen, I drafted an appropriate entry for Unit Part I orders, listed the names of those eligible at Annex A to it and submitted it, along with the other entries for signature by the Adjutant which he duly signed.

    I then gave it to one of my clerks for reproduction and distribution.

    As it was being copied, the door flew off it's hinges and a red faced and fuming CO ordered that each copy of Part 1 Orders was to be intercepted and destroyed along with my master printout of those who were entitled to take their RENLEAVE.

    That information was to be kept from the eligible soldiers on the basis that those who were not aware of their rights were to lose them. The Regiment was understrength for it's normal non-operational tasking anyway and could not afford to lose soldiers on leave!

    Thus it was that large numbers of eligible soldiers sailed on in ignorance of their entitlement!

    It was tragic!
  6. Sounds like a top bloke, that CO
  7. If i was you i would also get your REN leave app back from your clerk as proof that the leave was cancelled and you can use this as evidence when you come to ask for your extension. This will only be required if yor clerk has not cancelled it on UNIMONG.
  8. As one of those top blokes to which you refer, the annoying bit is when an individual has 4 years to take his 4 weeks REN leave, and leaves it until the last day. The 6 Ps apply - no-one is on ops for 4 years. One week per year works well, and should always be the plan. I don't know of any CO who dicks his mens' leave around for kicks. If my men run out of leave (unusual but not unheard of) then I give them grant - it makes up for when they lose it due to the carry-over rules. I have never taken all my leave - it goes with the job and the Wednesday afternoons. Ubique.
  9. You only get 3 years in which to take it !!, or has this changed and it's passed me by ?
  10. I am afraid i was in two units that back to back that meant i couldn't take my first lot of REN leave, i was then told that on completion of my posting with my last unit, they would apply to records for a further extension to the 1 year extension that i had originally been granted, i was then extended in post until my second REN leave was granted, when i came to leave my really great RAOWO then informed me that i was unable to apply for an extension to my first lot of REN leave, which meant i lost those 4 weeks, but got me a 1 year extension to my second, which i am now using, as i have been lucky enough to be able to carry 15 days leave forward for the past 2 years and haven't had to use my REN leave, i am now using so that yet again i will carry 15 days over next year and then use them to my best ability in my last year.

    At the last look REN leave is granted for a period of 3 years with the possibility of 1 years extension if you are lucky, but will bow to the greater knowledge of the leave clerks on this one.

    Greyfox, if you grant your blokes extra leave and don't dick them about, then you must be a really top boss to work for and you know the best way to get the best from your troops.

  11. Welcome, to the "I never used my REN leave" club. Sadly you are now part of a very big club where the members are convinced to joined through guilt, pride and pressure. Still at least your part of a majority group and not a minority group, because that can be tough
  12. As i am not bitter about losing my REN leave perhaps we should get a tie made for this exclusive club. :):)