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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 2ndtanks, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know the rules that govern ren leave?
    Been trying to find out but no one seems to know!
    Typical Clerks know **** all when you need them to!

  2. This is an extract from the Army Leave Manual regarding RENLEAVE:

    Re-engagement Leave
    Re-engagement Leave, also known as RENLEAVE or "leave on prolongation of Service", is granted to those soldiers who joined the Army before 31 March 1999 as compensation for the postponement of terminal leave.
    20 working days RENLEAVE may be granted to eligible soldiers who have committed themselves to 12 years continuous Colour service having completed 11 years continuous Colour service.
    20 working days RENLEAVE may also be granted to eligible soldiers who have committed themselves to 18 years continuous Colour service having completed 17 years continuous Colour service.
    A soldier who signifies an intention to leave the Colours is no longer eligible for RENLEAVE.
    Not more than one period of RENLEAVE is admissible to soldiers eligible under either qualifying criterion.
    RENLEAVE is to be taken at the earliest convenient opportunity after qualifying for it, either separately or in addition to any other form of leave (except terminal leave) for which the soldier is eligible.
    RENLEAVE is to be taken within the first three years after the soldier has qualified for it, and may be taken in individual periods of not less than 5 working days.
  3. was always told the only way they could stop you taking renleave was if there were "OPS" going on, otherwise you could take it as you wished :!: :!:
  4. OK stupid mong question (I will take my punishment like a girl) but how do you know if you have been "granted" it?
  5. when i entitled to my first lot i was officially told by the clerks but when the second lot about i was told nothing & just took it for granted, like the army do us, & put leave in under RENLEAVE :D :D
  6. Well you know what the admin is like at this place :evil: - which is why I asked.

    Better see if I can get another week added on to Easter Leave as the wife goes into hospital the day after I get home to have an operation on her foot and she will be immobilised for about 6 weeks.
  7. Cooperman wrote

    no chance of compassionate leave then :?: :?: :?: :?:

    yes i do know what the admin world is like there & at times it leaves a lot to be desired at ground level, but people up the ladder never seemed to have any problems whatsoever, go figure :!: :!: :!: :!:
  8. Compassionate? From here? No chance - not enough bods as it is, so they say :evil: As a day procedure it doesn't qualify for compassionate leave (apparently) even though they have told her it could be 3 months before she will be wearing shoes again :?
  9. feck me i am glad i am out of there by the sounds of it. :evil: :evil:

    hope you get something sorted out mate, laters :!: :!:
  10. Cooperman, Have you spoken to your Unit Welfare Officer (UWO) and explained the situation with your wife. As a past UWO myself, I would be very sympathetic with your situation and take your case to the chain of command on your behalf, if it was not possible to grant you leave and your wife (any children involved?) had no family living local to help her, then it would be up to the UWO staff to help all they could (that's what they are there for).

    On the subject of RENLEAVE, due to the appalling admin within unit's, individuals are often not informed that they qualify, are told too late to take it, or are just too busy to take it in the blocks of seven days that you have to. I recall a number of years ago talk of a case being submitted to the MOD for individuals to either take 28 days RENLEAVE when due, or cash it in for 28 days extra pay - needless to say this never got off the blocks, as it was far easier and cheaper to just let individuals dip out.
  11. how many of us would have opted for an extra months wages though :?: :?: :?: :?:
  12. Here doesn't seem to work like that, sadly. If you have access to my thread in ArmyNet where we talk about AGAI 108 (and a thread here with similar references) you will see just the kind of unit I am in. That farce - which is still ongoing - is enough to make you realise the modern Army has yet to reach everyone.

    Hey can't complain - I might be entitled to 20 days RENLEAVE - which is definately a Brucie Bonus as I never knew about that :lol: