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Hi all,

just a quick question that someone may be able to answer, Ren-Leave ...... When did it come in that if you joined after Mar31st 1999 you didnt qualify for it ?

i feel it wasnt a stupid question, when asking around my peer group and they all thought they were entitled to ren-leave, was merely just trying to see if any of you "older and bolder" types had an answer as there are alot of people out there thinking they are coming upto qualifying for ren-leave when in reality, someone somewhere decided to stop it but not shouted out loud to let people know that they were no longer entitled.

i can see why alot of people are put off this site, due to the high numbers of "idiots" hiding behind thier keyboards and trying to get a giggle from thier cyber buddies by putting a random comment rather than answer a question or keep quiet.
I answered your question.

The decision was probably made before that date to allow for an announcement, however quiet.
If it was after (which I think is what you are fishing for) then Barrack Room Lawyers like yourself would start talking about taking the Army to court and regaling us with tales of how they can't do this and that without you signing something.

I think the number of members suggests a lot of people are not put off this site. I am not hiding behind a keyboard and would gladly give you the same answer face to face. In fact I did to another poster on this thread in the Mess on Saturday night when we were laughing at him not getting any ren leave.
If you joined on the notice engagement you qualify, if you joined on the open engagement you don't. BTW Open Eng and NOTENG (Open) aren't the same.
I don’t know where your getting your info from mate, however it is my understanding that all soldiers on Notice or Open engagements are eligible as long as they joined the army before the 31 Mar 1999.

JSP 760

A couple of extracts below


Chap 7, 7.0001

Re-engagement Leave is a period of Authorised Absence granted to
Service personnel who joined the Services before 31 Mar 99 as an inducement to
commit for a further period of service and as compensation for the postponement
of Terminal Leave.


Chap 7, Annex B, 7B.001

20 working days’ Re-engagement Leave may be granted to eligible
soldiers, including those in the R IRISH (HSFT), on Notice or Open Engagements
who have committed themselves to 12 years’ continuous service having
completed 11 years’ continuous service.

Chap 7, Annex B, 7B.002

20 working days’ Re-engagement Leave may also be granted to
eligible soldiers, including those in the R IRISH (HSFT), on the Notice or Open
Engagements who have committed themselves to 18 years’ continuous service
having completed 17 years’ continuous service. A soldier who signifies an
intention to leave the Service is no longer eligible for Re-engagement Leave.

I seem to recall that this was widely circulated at the time as part of the changes to allowances under pay 2000, I could have dreamt it though because I had both my entitlements years ago :biggrin:
Fair enough, CAARPS, I'll consider myself corrected. Didn't everyone move onto Open around 99 anyway?

BTW for whomever is interested, NOTENG was the old system where you used to choose 3, 6 or 9 years and you got a different rate of pay as a result. So it makes sense that Pay 2000 was the point at which it all fizzled out.

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