REN Leave

Could anybody please give me a little direction on the criteria for REN leave?

Ive served for 11 years, although, due to joining at 17 i've had to give a year for free.

Upon speaking to other people who have already had it i was told that im elegible for Ren leave at 11 years service. When do these 11 years start? Ive been told its from my 18th birthday but my reckonable service start date is from when I was 17 and a half.

As well as this can anyone tell me how to get it? Do I have to apply though my HR staff or is it automatically put on through JPA?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated so I can get a heads up before bothering my already rather busy SPS rep.

Many Thanks for you time.
11 and 17 year colour service points, so from 18th birthday.With the introduction of JPA, the entitlement was supposed to "migrate" to the new system.In my experience, it didn't.There should be a Unicom full print on your P File, which is a good indicator of relevant dates; your admin personnel should be able to put the entitlement on JPA.

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