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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MAD_FERRET, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. Good Morning all.

    I am trying to clarify entitlement to Ren Leave, and got this information back from my civilian clerk - is this correct?

    ''The second qualifying period of Ren Leave is taken at the 18 year point having carried out continuous service and applies only to personnel on a Notice or Open Engagement, therefore as you are on a V ENG (Full) contract this does not apply to you''.

    This is certainly the first l have heard of V ENG impacting on Ren Leave, have l missed the small print when l signed my life away fonto a V ENG Contract or is this a recent policy change?

    I don't have sour grapes over it, just curious to see if this is 'the way it is'.
  2. JSP 760 Ch7 Annex B says

  3. Joe_Private: Many thanks for taking the time to dig this out. I have now sent that reference back to my Clerk, see what happens!
  4. Make sure you tell your civvy clerk that he is a bellend for rodding you off too.
  5. Go onto your JPA, leave balances. Scroll down to 'Other leave.' The balance should reflect 20 days Ren...if you have it!

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  6. It should, you are right Blobmeister. Only it needs inputting by HR, who, err, haven't. Just had an email back from her (after quoting the JSP verbatum provided kindly by Joe_Private), it appears she is 're-reading the document' to be sure. I await the result with baited breath, but don't expect miracles. It is ARMY 2020 after all.
  7. Your second Ren Leave entitlement begins from your 17 year point as long as you haven't signed off.
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  8. However, I have heard that Ren leave is being binned...

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  9. Spot on. I didn't mention that bit as it appears the op joined around '96, and so is eligible.

    Edited to add some more snippets.
  10. I am on VEng and got my second lot of RENLeave last year so you should be entitled, just a misinformed Clerk I am afraid (what are the chances?)
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