REN Leave problem.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by intothesilk2, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. My son who is a serving RLC NCO and has served 14 1/2 years, has just been informed that he had 30 days REN leave due that had to be taken by August this year. He had heard about this leave system for long service but never thought he was entitled to it because he re-traded during his eleventh year. He has now been informed that HE should have applied for this leave and because he did not he has now lost it. Surely manning and records office should have informed him of his entitlement in some way. Has he any recourse to claim this leave back or is it a lost cause. What does REN stand for?. Any info would be appreciated. :?:
  2. REN is Re-Enlistment leave.

    If I remember correctly you qualify for it at the 11 and 17 year points and are then allowed X number of years to take your entitlement. (3 I think?) I am pretty sure that when I qualified for mine my pay office or admin office did inform me BUT the onus is on the soldier to ensure he gets his entitlement!

    REN leave is Corps/Regiment independant and has nothing to do with re-trading etc.

    I'm sure one of the clerky types on here will give you more info but sounds like a case of unlucky.
  3. Most of what Chris posted is correct, you do qualify for it at 11 and 17 year points, and have 3 years in which to take it. His RAO should have informed him of his entitlement, but in this day and age, someone who can serve that long and not have the sense to ask the question of his RAO I find hard to believe. Anyway, it is possible to ask MCM Div for a year extension, if there are genuine reasons why he couldn't take it - such as Op tours, long courses etc, I don't think they will extend for "I didn't know I had it" though.
  4. Thank's for your replies, much appreciated. Perhaps he should have been a bit more dilligent with his leave entitlement, he did say that he had been working loads of extra shifts due to manpower shortages and Iraq kicking off.

    Have a great Christmas.
  5. I noticed you mentioned your son re-traded during his eleventh year. Was this due to Manning reasons, and on the advice of his MCM desk officer or unit?
  6. Not sure, he re-traded due to his posting to the depot as an instructor being finished.
  7. The reason I ask is because he could have been subject to Manning Control at his 11 year point with the option of re-trading instead of being discharged / re engaged on an S type contract. This could have resulted in confusion during that time.
  8. Thank's for the info again, I will give him your comments.

    Merry Christmas.
  9. I was given a 1 year extension to take both lots of mine, so it is not uncommon for an extension to be given.

  10. I signed off at my 11 year point but was still serving at the 11 half year qualifying point. I have recently re-enlisted after a short 5 month spell in Civvy Street. Questions:

    1. Did I qualify for my REN leave as I was still serving at the 11 half year point?

    2. I know that a break in Service does not allow you to aggregate your reckonable time towards REN leave ie, you cannot do 5 years get out rejoin do 6 half years and qualify. But if I am entitled (read Q1) does the 3 year window still apply to me on re-enlistment as I would already have qualified in one unbroken 11 half year stint prior to discharge?

    As usual our Clerks just read out parrot fashion from the relevant manual without allowing any sort of interpretation of the rules as my argument is the qualifying period was unbroken service and their's is well it says a break in Service excludes you.

  11. No, as soon as you sign off you lose your RENLEAVE !!

    Take it before you sign off, they can't get it back that way !!

  12. Not sure at all about this. I have no idea ref the (Signed off and what to do) but...

    I never used my REN leave from my 17 year point and I've still got it on my leave card as owing after 4 years + .

    Also trying to claw back the 18 days I could not take this ending leave year Mar 2006. On requesting the 3 page application (to be filled out in my daughter’s blood no doubt) I was amazed when informed by the ‘Admin" staff that of the 18 , 15 will automatically be carried over.

    Try speaking to you Admin bods to see what is what and don’t take No for an answer