REN leave or lack there of!!!



How come officers don't get Ren leave. I got one lot a few years back, but now as an LE I don't qualify. Pass the human rights book, Dolores
Officers do not get renleave because the 'REN' part stands for re-engagement. Officers do not have engagements - they have commissions which are different apparently.

And in answer to the original question, I think that people that joined in the last couple of years will not be entitled to renleave, but people who joined before whatever arbitary date they picked are still entitled. Just became eligible for my second lot - I might even see if I can get some of this lot in!
Mutineer is quite correct all soldiers that joined post Apr 02 I am lead to believe wont get any REN Leave ?

Ive had both mine so I'm not bothered.

JACK JACK JACK but happy
Re-Engagement leave. You qualify at the beginning of your 11 year point, you have to sign for it at your Lve/Docs office. It is 20 working days leave that has to be used within 3 yrs. It cannot be cancelled unless operational requirments deem it necessary. You receive another batch of REN lve at the 17 yr point I think.

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