REN Leave on Re-enlistment?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Happy_Sapper, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. I signed off at my 11 year point but was still serving at the 11 half year qualifying point. I have recently re-enlisted after a short 5 month spell in Civvy Street. Questions:

    1. Did I qualify for my REN leave as I was still serving at the 11 half year point?

    2. I know that a break in Service does not allow you to aggregate your reckonable time towards REN leave ie, you cannot do 5 years get out rejoin do 6 half years and qualify. But if I am entitled (read Q1) does the 3 year window still apply to me on re-enlistment as I would already have qualified in one unbroken 11 half year stint prior to discharge?

    As usual our Clerks just read out parrot fashion from the relevant manual without allowing any sort of interpretation of the rules as my argument is the qualifying period was unbroken service and their's is well it says a break in Service excludes you.

  2. Renleave is only a 'perk' for unbroken service. Ask to read the chapter regarding entitlement in the Army Leave Manual 2000. Sorry no the answer you hoped for. :?
  3. Worth a try, if you don't ask you don't get.
  4. Aye worth a try, but that is the 'party line' if you get it, enjoy it 8)
  5. Renleave is basically a "reward" for postponement of Terminal Leave which I assume you had when you first got out??
  6. Aye I did (and some) so I know when I am beaten and put this one to bed.
  7. If this helps:

    7B.005 A soldier who has spent a period in the Regular Reserve during the currency of his engagement will not be eligible for Re-engagement Leave. A soldier, however, who rejoins from the Reserve and subsequently completes the required period of continuous service, required by paras 7B.001 and 7B.002 above, will be eligible for Re-engagement Leave.