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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bags_47, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. I've qualified for my second allocation of ren leave last november but it still hasn't been activated on JPA. Everytime I speak to the clerks they keep saying they are waiting for glasgow to inform them of my entitlement. I know this was the case pre JPA can any one enlighten me if it is still the case now.
  2. Fcuking RENLEAVE. I had two lots allocated when I was in. Never got to take anyof it.
  3. Umm...I had 2 lots allocated and took all of it..was you on tour for 3 years? Sorry 6?
  4. me to and it was great!
  5. There is no requirement for notification from Glasgow, Your HR admin can see when you enlisted and when you "Man" service started and can quite easily calculate when you are entitled and can them simply put your entitlement on JPA. If your HR Admin are fobbing you off speak to the RAWO who should put a rocket under them.
  6. Bags Mate

    Danny Boy is right.

    My C Clerk squared me away, it only took about 10 mins as well....

    enjoy the leave....
  7. Agreed it is an Element Entry within you Leave Record. Beware the date they take from JPA for your entitlement to start as your contract hire date i.e. when you signed up will probably be wrong thus giving you less time to take it.

    Reason the date may be wrong is that they took attestation dates, when you swore the oath, as when you joined and not the date you started basic or man service if under 18.

  8. Should have squared you admin better then shouldn't you.