Remuster to Army

Anyone know how long it takes to remuster from RAF to Army?? Don't wanna ask at the admin staff yet incase I start gettin dicked with all the s**t jobs or would it be quicker to pvr then apply for Army??
Iv thought about that to, as far as i know, if you've done your return of service, there should be nothing stopping you from going straight over right? Provided you pass the same requirements as anyone walking into an AFCO. They would be the best bet to see anyway, you wont have to comit yourself if you just walk in off the street and ask.

PVR'ing seems like alot of hassel, youd have to wait 6 months after the paperwork went through anyway, and even then, your current pay grade may be lowered back to 13,000 new entrants, not sure if you remuster they can lower it?
Can i ask what's the attraction? My sisters son is also crab been in about 6 yrs and is also thinking of going green ! He works in supply and really enjoys the job, except for limited postings/promotion prospects, he wants to be "more" frontline and hopefully would have a better career structure in the loggies.

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