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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Potential, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Is it an idea to actually announce why a thread has been removed??

    I know that when the Mods lock a thread they put a final message on saying why it has been locked but that's not possible if the thread has gone altogether!

    Could you Mods maybe post a single locked thread along the lines of......

    [align=center]"Thread ........................................ has been removed because............................"[/align]

    It would benefit you guys too as then people wouldn't go around asking "where's this/that thread gone"

    It also stops them starting up the same discussion on another thread!!

  2. not

    people wouldn't look out and see the message, they would then be linked to the message left by the mod, like i am linking you to this now.
  3. Threads do sometimes get moved to a hidden forum called Admin & Evidence. Typically they get moved for the following reasons:

    Started by or hijacked beyond all reasonable editing/repair by trolls;
    Something in there that is sensitive for reasons of security;
    Something in the content has had a reasonable objection to it raised and no amount of editing will deal with the objection sufficiently;
    Blatant advertising without permission;

    For most other minor breaches of site poilicy a thread is more likely to either be edited (in the case of a single objectionable post) or locked. Forces_Sweetheart and both COs also have powers of admin on this forum and will from tmie to time act when they see something that I miss.
  4. Maybe I should re-phrase this....

    I know what happened to the Sainsbury's thread.

    I realise that people don't look for other subjects relating to those deleted and so start their own threads.

    So I suggest....

    A sticky - accessible to MODS only - where everyone would know to look should a thread be moved to A&E or completely deleted - that states the reasoning behind threads being removed.
  5. I think, maybe, someone needs to get out more.
  6. Top idea Pots!

    Simple and easy to do!

    Beebs x
  7. I think it would be a good idea, I recently perused two threads which then vanished for no apparent reason, one was on Blunketts remarks about the CDS and was rather interesting indeed, why was it removed? did it offend the mod's sensibilities?, in which case if it did isn't this just censorship?

    I can understand removing a thread which could be harmful to someones career or which is about current legal investiagtions, but I couldn't for the life of me think why anything written about Blunkett, the muppet, should be offensive to anyone (apart from Blunkett and he's a waste of rations anyway)!!
  8. Bloody hell.....

    Talk about going OTT

    If a thread goes it goes, who gives a monkies? if it goes its generally for a good reason and for the good of the site.

    Remember the mods do the job FOC and in thier own time, with 20,000 members it impossible to keep all the people happy all of the time.
  9. No, I agree with pots, it would save time looking for a thread feeling as if it is tinfoil hat time - I gladly accept that things get deleted but it vexes me when there is no one to ask!