Removing rank insignia from wool pullover.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Invictus_88, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. Hullo,

    A friend of mine gave me an old army jumper which she was given by a friend in turn. The issue for me was that it came complete with original nametape and sgt stripes. She'd tried and failed to unpick the stitching, and I managed to pick the nametape off over the course of about three quarters of an hour.

    You guys really don't mess around when it comes to stitching things down! I can't get the stripes off, and I felt like a stupid walt wearing it in public, so I dyed the stripes black and now they don't really show up much. All was well until an ex-serving friend told me the dark stripes make me look like a Rifles walt instead (Pulling my leg? Do they truly have blacked stripes on OG jumpers?) and it's just a pain.

    Final straw - had an army careers chat today and forgot that I was wearing this jumper when I took my coat off. Won me a light but admonishing mockery from the ACO.

    So, question. How the hell do I get through the insane army sewing without buggering up my jumper?
  2. Consider it an initiative test!
  3. Consider it an initiative test!
  4. Cut the sleeves off and wear it as a body warmer - looks chiq
  5. Elbow grease, determination and perserverance ! If you can't sort that, should you be joning up ? Or join the rifles and work your way up !
  6. Like efficient computer use, E_S?


    Edit: Yup, ok ok. I'll have another go at it. I'll sharpen up the Opinel later tonight. Simply wondered if I was missing a trick.
  7. Go out and buy a non-striped/tagged one you cheapskate! They aren't that expensive as G2.
  8. wear it inside out !!!
  9. Or back to front, then the stripes won't be where people expect them
  10. What on earth do you want to wear one of those hideous things for anyway?

    Sew something over the stripes, on both sleves to make it look even. I promise you won't look like a twat.

    On a serious note (for a change) take a sharp blade (scalpel type of thing) and slice into the stripes parallel to the jumper (this is easier to do than to describe) this will cut the stitching without you needing to see it.
  11. dont wear the jumper?
  12. This has made my morning - Thank you