Removing administrator rights.

As I'm a bit of a biff I need a bit of help with a Laptop I've got.

I was issued a laptop for a job, which subsequently went into administration. The Laptop is protected by an administrators password (which I know), which is a pain in the arse to be honest.

I want to give this laptop to a senior member of my family to drag them into the 21st Century, any ideas on how i erase this annoying thing without wiping the whole laptop.

Please don't ask too technical questions about the OS as I don't have the laptop here as I'm now working in not so hot but still sandy places.

Thanks in advance.
But its not yours to give away.

Add a new user account
it became mine when the administrators said my expense claim prior to collapse wouldn't be paid. Besides that is not the subject.

Have tried the new account route, but when attempting to install clobber up pops the admin thing.


Create a new admin account for them. Then they won't get the rights error when installing stuff.

If it's a work laptop attached to a domain, you're better off reinstalling the OS and starting from scratch
PM me with the Operating System details - will send you a step by step guide so that your relative can use the laptop easily. The machine has been set so as only to allow the "Administrator" the privilege of installing programmes. The guide will have your problem fixed in minutes.

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