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Removing a Heatshield

what car?

in most cases there is no problem,but,look out for rubber hoses or parts that may get burnt thru when you remove this?

or an even better suggestion,secure it on properly ;)
Is this on your exhaust by any chance ?

Mine started rattling on a new cat, remove by brother in law with a big hammer and a gs screwdriver

No worrys !
its a mk2 saxo vtr

just had a proper look now, seems that it isnt the heatshield

but centre of the exhaust, where it connects to the cat convertor

any ideas??? rattle seems to die down once the exhaust gets hot, still noticable but only slightly

was fine when i got it and was checked over

no big dramas anyway just me being picky

an 8 yr old car isnt going to sound brand new, although id like it to
the_butchers_dog said:
Might be the cat.
could be a loose screw that vibrates due to sound resonance (sp) from the exhaust,but you cant tell by someone posting on the internet saying 'my exhausts rattling'

get someone who knows what to look for to have a look

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