HMG didn't pay for my last move! :evil: However, I managed to scam payment of our first move by owning my house and waiting 28 days post-marriage before moving the newly-wed Mrs PVRd into our palatial Type 5. This upset my boss as it was just short of £2K off of his budget (costs lie where they fall) but I spoke loudly about redressing anyone who tried to quash my entitlements, and he quickly returned to his box. :twisted:

Ahh, the disturbance allowance - that replenished the bank balance after a two week honeymoon! :twisted:
Just left and they didn't pay for mine. The secret is finding a new job where your employer will pay you relocation as part of your 'package', which should include removal and legal fees etc.
Go and see your Chief Clerk and get him to check. I asked the payoffice and they just laughed.

Happed to chunter to the Chieffy and he came up trumps. Over 35s move or something of that nature.

Not sure how it effects Germany based troops as I am in the UK.

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