Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bored_of_the_signals, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. Inst Tech promotion has not been better than what it is now.

    Lets look at the last 2 years,

    2 off the WO2 board who achieved RD slots (remember we have no Supvr route)
    4 off the SSgt board, 1 off the reserve making 5.
    5 off the Sgt board.

    2 off the WO2 board into RD slots, a further 2 off the reserve to take up our 2 semi-permanent trade WO2 slots. A total of 4, outstanding!
    4 off the SSgt board with another 3 off the reserve making 7 !!
    5 off the Sgt board with the opportunity for another couple to fill in upcoming vacant slots.

    Tell me what is bad about that.

    Promotion on the Inst Tech roster is incredibly competative, find yourself an edge and keep at it. (Have you not listened to anything Mr C from MCM has said?)

    As for the 7 Sigs chap well hes a good guy and obviously had the edge on his peer group! Its not all time served you know!
  2. Disco, do you reckon there are extra slots still to come from our board?
  3. Yes I do but,

    Their availablility will be determined when the others off the SSgt reserve move up. Remember promotion is for next 12 months and not immeadiate. It may make more sense to gap the posts for the next board dependant on circumstances.

    Another factor will be how many came above the promotability line. Then there is the proactivness of units who have a gap and an individual who "they" see fit to fill it, often MCM will go by the advice of CO`s.

    Generally MCM will promote soldiers when they can.

    Your next step should be with your OC or the RCMO, ask how you performed on the board he should be able to give you a feel for how the next 12 months should go. He will also identify your weak areas in your profile. Listen to what is said and make the changes needed.

    Good Luck
  4. Rather than ask what the guy has done to get promoted, ask youself what you haven't done!! :?:
  5. SITREP...

    Since my last post a further 2 Cpls made the Sgt Reserve list making 7 in all.

    Where you one of the lucky ones? :roll:
  6. Err... No. What units were these guys at?
  7. One of the lucky recipients was from a Cyprus based unit.
  8. and the other.............
  9. Sorry mate, can't help you out on the other one.
  10. Other was from a UK based unit :wink:
  11. Don't forget if you have already obtained a high enough qualification you can go FofS - not heard of but possible!

    (Not that any Tele Mech would want to!)

    p.s. Just got to 7 and heard nothing but good stuff about my Mech ... sorry Inst Tech
  12. It has not happened so far and it never will. The retrade course to go from Inst Tech to FofS would be horrendous. BY the time we get soeone brave enough to do it, they will be putting the finishing touches to this new 'Infrastructure Engineer' trade or whatever it will be called - with its own supervisory route "RSigs Clerk of Works" or similar. Any thoughts?
  13. Any thoughts?, why yes...


    Why?, becuase it will end up another Inst Tech cluster as they try to give a supervisory role to an amalgamation of trades rather than specific to the Inst Tech, all which have different training and roles. So a hashing together of a few skillsets with some loose links to 16th edition wiring regs with an automatic conversion to Inst Tech class 1 for ED`s...

    Hey but if I keep my mouth shut it could lead to early promotion to WO2!

    Clerk of works, what a daft concept!!

  14. The concept is daft disco, until it works. You could use the same thinking towards the Supervisor IS - a supervisory role encompasing many, many different specialisations, which will take time to bed in and mature as a roster.

    I have no doubt that a Clerk of Works Royal Signals would take time to evolve and work, it works elsewhere (The Royal Engineers for example).

    It is however somewhat pointless speculating on what may happen, lets see what comes out of the ivory towers before we attempt to analyse it!!