Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bored_of_the_signals, Jan 27, 2005.

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  1. The fact they you need to ask on here makes me think you probably aren't what they need, but whatever...

    1. Discuss with your CO.

    2. Make sure MCM Div know your aspirations. It may not be in your interest, or MS' either (the binding principle).

    3. Gat approval from SOinC(A).

    4. Do the familiarisation training at RMAS.

    5. Go to RMAS, take over your Pl, and either become an absolute legend or a total ******.

    Good luck.
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    slight adjustment on 5

    5.1 Arrive at Sandhurst and become a skills instructor

    5.2 one term later take on a Pl.

    5.3 about a week into term be known either as a Total Arrse or a Not too bad Arrse.

    tip....don't beast the first termers too much, they just end up hating you...our CSgt (Bissett if anyone knows him) was a great bloke and balanced the beasting (which we expected) with a decent bit of humour and moral in a can.

    The CSgt in the next Pl....lost 2 AWOL in the first 6 weeks as he was such a git.
  3. I understand that currently there are no Signals SNCOs on the RMAS cadre - this is something we need to sort out quickly! :oops:
  4. I assume that you aspire to be a Pl SSgt (and not an instructor in the CIS wing)?

    If so you may find that you need to do a number of 'military' courses as a pre-requisite. At the very least the requirement, as I understood it used to be, included Senior Brecon, plus NBC, SAA (inc 4+5) etc.

    This maybe one reason why there have been relatively few R Signals Pl SSgts at RMAS.

    If you are of the right calibre - good luck!
  5. Yeah, good luck and go for it - but beware of the strong Guardsman mentality at RMAS - some of the RSMs there hate all of the Corps :p
  6. These are all the staple skills of the infantryman. If you want to do that sort of thing, transfer to the infantry. If you're good enough you'll get to Sandhurst. Be under no mistake, even for the Inf, Sandhurst is a significantly hardcore tick in the box. Virtually guaranteed 1st Bn RSM status.

    Perhaps the Royal Signals should concentrate on Royal Signals skills eh - and a wee bit less about storming an enemy trench and bayonetting some poor bugger?
  7. is that a bad thing tho?
  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, it wasn't anything wrong with the cadets...and it's easy enough to leave through the official channels especially in the first 5 weeks. but he was a right git....beasted for the fun of it, not helpful in any way....if you force people to run then there must be something wrong with your style.

    We had 5 leave in the first 5 weeks...3 medical and 2 not....but the desicion was thiers and they talked it over with the Pl Sgt and Cmdr...and it was all handled properly.

    It doesn't matter if the people who ran were good or not, it's the Pl Sgts job to notice that they aren't happy and to deal with it....not to just beast until they drop.

  9. hmmm difference in opinion here

    if they cant take being beasted how are they going to deal with real problems?
  10. If we took your approach then all Phase 1 training - for all arms and services - would be taught by the Inf; as they are the only ones 'qualified'?

    What a ridiculous and small-minded idea!
  11. Surely having R Sigs staff would help bring more people our way? If those "wavering" had direct access to the man with the answers, maybe less subbies would turn up without a fcuking igloo about what happens in the corps? :?

    Or am I just being synical again? :lol:

  12. Give QM 37 Sig Regt a call, he is the only one that has served as an AI at RMAS. The biggest problem most Sigs will have is passing PSBC, it's demanding, and being physically fit is the key factor there. To my knowledge only 7 Sigs blokes have attended and passed PSBC (this doesn't include Sigs who are now blades of course). Of the blokes that have attended the Cadre course some have withdrawn because, quite simply, it wasn't for them. You need to have a certain approach to fit in at RMAS. Completing all of the courses you need can take over two years, but once you are on the list at Glasgow you will be fast tracked onto the courses. Speak to your RCMO for the full picture. If your going to give it a go good luck.