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Hi I really need some help I had a phobia of dentist but I’ve recently just had 9 teeth removed I’m due to go in the army in 14 days and sent my medical form back to the assment center in Scotland by my dentist will I get refused to go in the army. Thanks


Try posting in the recruiting medical questions area


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If all work has been done then you should be ok.
I'd probably be more concerned about the phobia of dentists. As @Fang_Farrier has said, if the work has been done, your mouth will be fine, but if you were willing to let your mouth get into such a state because you couldn't sit in a chair whilst someone looks in your gob, you've got bigger problems upstairs.

Especially when you have to visit the dentist every 12-18 months once you are in...
Nothing chewy in pouch meals apparently. It was all tins in my day mutter . . mutter . . .drivel.
So long as you are able to bite off the top of your cartridges you should be OK
What about pulling pins from grenades?


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