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Hi all
i'm new here & hope someone can help.
My nephew is in Iraq & has been involved in a road accident. He bore the brunt of it & has had his spleen removed. Does anyone know if this is the end of his army life. Everything is a bit sketchy at the moment regards info from the army. Just looking for anyone with similar experience.
Missing a spleen shouldn't end his career .Hopefully his other injuries don't either .Hope he makes a quick recovery . As an
adult you can easily live without it .It tends to get get squished easy than other internal organs in accidents and has to be removed
as it causes internal bleeding .He will be off for at least 8 weeks minium and probably longer as his fitness will take a beating
Disagree with you woody.

My brother was 10 yrs in, & had a partial splenectomy due to blunt trauma i.e. a 4 tonner hit him on exercise.

He started of downgraded P7 for 6/12 was told he would remain in this category as the spleen has a lot to do with immunity & fighting infections etc, he was given an option of staying in at P7 or med discharge.

He took the discharge & hasn't looked back.
Thanks guys for replying. An update, he has been told he cannot he cannot do anything that involves front line. They won't commit to anything more than that until he's back in UK which is hopefully end of this week.

A bit more for you on his background - he's done 2 yrs college on armed svs, & 2 yrs TA. Volunteered for this iraq tour for experience with intention of trying out for RM at the end. That is now out of the window.

Pox (or anyone else for that matter) can you advise on anything which will help us to ensure he's getting best advice regards discharge if it happens. At the moment he's 18 & feels his lifes over. Basically if anyone can point us in the right direction to ensure he's not shafted.
If he wants to stay in the Army and remains fit then tell him not to give into the Med discharge route. I know of one person who joined the Army with no spleen, which wasn't picked up at his medical when he was 16. He went on to be a WO1, then subsequently commissioned as an LE and is now a Capt.

I know of another officer who was involved in a traffic accident, lost his spleen, but hasn't been held back and is in fact a Lt Col.

Before you get your hopes up though, I believe, although I am no expert, it means you cannot take malaria which can lead to an inability to deploy to malaria type countries, whcih may be a stumbling block.

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