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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tom muff, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Messige me if any female wants a young male ;)
  2. You need some bum love.
  3. Dude its like u stalk me uv commented on all my post replys nearly wtf :0
  4. Jarrod would you like a pop at a dead fucking bitch called Mrs. Muff, who sadly took her own life 4 weeks ago after discovering what a social parasite her son was and slashed her wrists in shame, and Tom buried her under the settee, from which she has been dug up by paying customers who enjoyed her work as a prostitute and couldn't resist a freebie
  5. Ahahah very funny fuck face and she died when i was 4 and im now 17 she was a prozzie she fucked up my life because of booze and drugs so i really really really dont give a flyining fuck about wht u say about my dead mum or dad btw its mrs fletcher nt muff :) get it right cock noes
  6. Well I can tell she fucked up your life because of the walting troll you are now, and by the way she sounds exactly like my kind of slut
  7. Hmm bit short nw i think ur realizing u got ownd ahaha btw fuck her she a slag :) at least ur mum takes it better her pussys tight aswell as her ass hmm gilf think its past ur bed time son kiss ur mum goodnight n ill fuck her
  8. No I'm just realising that there are more interesting things to do on ARRSE than converse with a troll
  9. Dude ahah iv just realised ahaha u must be one of them FAT GEEKY dude who failed at getting in the army so he run's a shop with ether army gear or war hammer crap ahahah u FAT GEEK ahaha prob live in ur basment
  10. Actually you'll be surprised to know yes I run a side business flogging bits but am also a TA soldier :)

    Yes, Warhammer is quite fun!
  11. Omg i was nearly right r u done now cba to argue
  12. Yes, you were!

    Now, if you are done arguing, I'd suggest you get your head down, school tomorrow :)
  13. Nope i got gym tomoz i left school ages ago and i got my basic in june dude :p ahaha
  14. I wouldn't think anyone would give a fuck when your basic is... your not related to a fella called Mike Golden are you?
  15. Just thourght id tell ya haha n no never herd of him