Remove Liar Byers from the Privy Council

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. Yes, the man is a lying snake who cannot tell the truth

  2. No, he did not intentionally lie blah blah why bother no-one will tick this option anyway

  1. I'm writing to my MP on this one! Why should a liar be entrusted with the role of advising HM, and consequently entitled to the title of Rt Hon when they are patently neither?

    Byers = LIAR. LIAR. LIAR. So sue me, you philandering LIAR! :twisted:
  2. Think he's more likely to object to you calling him a philanderer especially as he's admitted to being a liar in court, can't fault your sentiment though.

  3. he is in the PC??????????? well my MP's surgery is tonight.... will have a word and let hope we can shift this fellow as he is a liar no matter how nice you dress it up in court language
  4. Privy councilor ! Gobsmacked. I thought that was a position for very expireanced long serice polititians of high repute.
  5. Perhaps if you replaced "politicians" with "brown-nosers"...?
  6. Anyone who has held a Cabinet post is technically a member of the Privy Council. Oh and it's Privy Counsellor for some reason.