Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by PoisonDwarf, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Just bought my own house and I want to resettle my family, in order to let my son start secondary school later this summer. I'm mid-way through my current posting, so I don't think I'm entitled to move house at public expense. I really don't want to spend a couple of grand on moving everything. I'm currently serving in England, the new house is in S Wales and I intend to serve my remaining 4 yrs unaccompanied. Can anyone suggest the way ahead (or a reasonable loophole)? I'm still a pup, not quite eligible for the 'Over 37' package, so I can't pull that one.

    Howabout a hypothetical situation where my missus and I decided to "split up" (nudge nudge, wink wink)? Purely hypothetical of course, and not in any way a real (unethical) situation! Any suggestions (apart from 'cough up the cash, fat boy') gratefully received.

  2. Can I come to your Court Martial please?

    Seriously there are cheaper ways to move if you don't qualify for allowances, hire a van and a few mates being the best one.
  3. As a Civi, the hypothetical question leaves a bad taste in my mouth and does not show the military in a good light. Maybe there should be another tread called "How to screw the system!" :x
  4. Well that is my current, favoured plan - probably a few hundred squid in diesel. My point was the ironic situation where couples have gone down the welfare chain and split up, moving the family back to their geographic roots, then miraculously getting back together again when the bloke leaves (often done in the past to get a council house). Getting conveniently estranged for legal or financial reasons isn't all that unusual these days - shame that our financial rules remain so biased against family stability. Most of us these days are on 2 year tours, despite the Bett Report, meaning the hassles of broken education for children, so perhaps there should be something better in place.

    In summary, I would never ever do anything unethical or naughty. I hear the food at MCTC is shiite.
  5. Fair comment, sorry if I offended you :(