Removals to first quarter........

Hi all,

Just a quick one for the fountain of all knowledge that is the ARRSERS.

I'm re-joining and will be going into a quarter, now the question is can I get removals to move in to my quarter? I've had a few answers either way and was hoping that one or more of you would have a near as damn on answer.

Cheers guys.

I think it's a bit hit and miss, depends were your going and what the family's office can sort out. I got fecked off at the high port but my mate at a different unit couldn't get more help if he tried. They moved him and his misses lock, stock and barrel over to Germany.

Not sure if the policy has changed but previously you weren't entitled to anything but that may have changed, your best bet is to contact your unit welfare/familes office.
Thanks very much for that, I thought it might come down to that but it is always worth checking out on here.

Much appreciated

If I remember correctly ther is no help for setting up your first home? So in effect if you live with your wife now ( which i presume you do ) you should be entitled to removals? My friend got married whilst serving in Germany to a girl he was living with in UK , They got removals to his new duty station in abingdon when he moved? But Like already said its a bit hit and miss....

Hope this helps...
Paulie, Buryfc66, many thanks, that was my way of reading the criteria too, I think I may just have to stick to my guns and put up a reasoned argument if it comes down to it.



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