Removals Eligibility?


Good Afternoon,

Quick HR question. I am due to move from Plymouth to Corsham on posting in July. I am currently living in SFA within Plymouth, but I intend to go to Corsham unaccompanied and move my family into a privately bought house in Plymouth.

It seems a bit vague in JSP752 but would I be entitled to removals from my SFA to a private house on assignment? My gut feeling is no as I will be under 50 miles, it is not my final tour of duty and I am not over 37.

Ironically if it is a no, the whole reason I am moving them into a private house is so my daughter can remain in the same school, otherwise she will have 3 schools in 3 years. CEAS basically said I cannot retain my SFA, so my only option is boarding school or buying a house. So if I don't even get removals, then in my opinion the system sucks!


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