Removal of GYH (O) Entitlement when receive Assignment Order

I've been told by my clerks that because I have received an assignment order for January, that I can't claim for a trip to UK in December. Basically they're saying cos I'm posted, it cancels the entitlement for that year. Is this true even if I'm posted from NL to Germany?
Well **** off then, maybe Tescos will pay you GYH. but then maybe they won't.
To get away from the emotion for a moment....

GYH(O) journeys are granted one per calendar year of your assignment and are not related in any way to the normal leave year. So, as an example, if you arrived in your current post in, say, December 2009, you would have been due one for Dec 09 - Dec 10 and another for Dec 10 - Dec 11 and an assignment order for Jan 12 wouldn't have made any difference. However, if you arrived in, say, February 2010, you would have been entitled to one for Feb 10 - Feb 11 and were "anticipating" one for Feb 11 - Feb 12 but the assignment order breaks the complete year Feb 11 - Feb 12, so you aren't entitled - even though you aren't going back to UK for you next job becasue they aren't carried over like that. Your new entitlement starts in your new post in Jan 12 and is for Jan 12 - Jan 13.

Please don't think that my explanation means that I agree with the rule - I don't!

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