Removal Of Duty Meal from 1 Jul 07

7911bell said:
Will you please stop writing in capitals, its cnutish.
A little off thread and a silly question, but is it true that Sodexho have made political donations to the Labour Party?

Cash for contracts?


I intend to take my peak stove to all further courses. I may consider self imposed field conditions in order to feel like I'm getting one over on pusser. Clearly I'll still be spending money on food, but it won't be going into the pockets of the thieving bastards that operate PAYD contracts.

I hope that next time one of our political masters decides to embark on some battlefield tourism to improve our morale (?), the mother of all contacts leaves the tool needing clean pants.

It's high time that CDS, 1SL, CGS and CAS remember who they are, where they came from and who they represent.

"Lions led by donkeys." Never more apt


OK heres one for you i train students in a quarry for two weeks
I am married but have to live in a camp for the two weeks that we train
Does this mean i will have to pay for food or is there a way around it.


So i get to pay for the privilege of training the little scroats. Thats a wee bit shite mabey i should send tony mcfcukwit a bill for my fee
This is fcuking shite

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Re: Removal Of Duty Meal from 1 Jul 07
Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:31 am

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. I put it on because it was clear that hardly anyone knew about this loss of entitlement. My junior blokes who live out with their families cannot afford to pay extra food charges when I send them on distant courses. For them, it represents a pay cut, and as such it is a national disgrace. And the Service's failure to prevent this from happening is a failure of leadership.

The debate between pads and singlies has been particularly interesting, and probably explains why the government gets away with cutting our entitlements like this. They play a clever game of devide-and-rule. Singlies get a bum deal in many areas, and hence object to what they perceive as the unfair advantages that the pads get. So the singlies complain, and the government gets to make the system 'fairer' by removing an entitlement that pads used to get. Net result? Singlies no better off, pads worse off than they were, and the government gets a big fat saving.

I've been in the military for only 8 years, and the hallmark during this period has been a general degradation of our terms and conditions of service. It occurs to me that we need to cease complaining about what others get, as this approach only serves provide justification to reduce our collective packages. There is a greater enemy out there; his name is Gordon Brown, and he thinks he can send you on increasing numbers of ops whilst reducing your money. Why not try and do something about it? Complain to your CO, Write to your MP, or perhaps spend 30 quid to join the British Armed Forces Federation.

Regards to all.

Yes more members means more resources and more ability to look into this and challenge it before it goes live. This would never happen in a civilian job.
So the obvious answer would be to get everybody non availability chits for accomodation. Stay in a hotel and claim the actuals back?

A non starter on career courses I suppose!!

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