Removal of Bibles in case they upset..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. Removal of Bible's in case they upset the Muslims. 3 hospitals in Leicester are considering removing Bibles in case they cause offence. FFS does looking at a Bible cause so much offence ? maybe those that do find offence at the Bible should sod off and live in some Islam state.
  2. this pc lark is just getting to much!

    If they dont think some thing offends them then they should move!
  3. Uh-oh... Countdown till PTP sees this... :wink:

    For my tuppence worth, any person who claims to have Faith should not be offended by any other person of Faith, nor their religious writings or symbolism. It's often forgotten that Jesus is regarded as a prophet by Islam.
  4. I don't reckon PTP will delete this. It's a fair argument even if armourer is anti-Islam.

    What about the Christians who, more than likely, outnumber the muslims at the hospitals? Also it seems to me that a bible has a place in a hospital where many would be in need of spiritual comfort. FFS that's why we have chapels in hospitals.

    I wonder if the need to be PC is perceived rather than actual. People have become so paranoid about saying something that is not politically correct that they avoid saying or doing anything.
  5. Yep read it too, but also read/heard on the radio the following,

    "Hospital to remove bibles because they fear the book might transfer
    MRSA between patients"
  6. Whilst at first glance it does smack of PC gone too far the suggestion to remove the Gideon Bible was brought about by concerns of MRSA or is it MSRA? (all those fingers on the pages and no cleaning of the book) :?

    I suggest a bedside bible sealed in some sort of clear bag or similar, when the bed is cleaned after a patient has been discharged the book could be removed for cleaning and replaced with a new clean sealed package.
  7. Absolutely. I spend a reasonable amount of time in airport lounges & see people of various faiths using the prayer rooms and I've yet to witness anything other than good manners – the door being held open and polite nods of acknowledgement. As usual it is the extreme elements of each religion that court controversy and garner the headlines – moderate individuals seem to be above the petty squabbles.
  8. The reason they keep getting away with this sort of behaviour, is we keep letting them.
    People in that area who are christians should protest, stop paying council tax or write to their MP.

    The fact is people dont really give a sh1t, so they (muslims) keep getting their way.
    Picture the scene as thre following headline hits the daily newspapers.....


    Tell me what would happen?????????????

    Armourer count me in. When does the revolution start?
  9. Comms officer of the hospital involved on R4 this am

    Comms "we are taking a whole system approach"
    JH " what is a whole system approach as opposed to a single system approach?"
    Comms "mmmmmmmmmmmm wellllllllllllllll uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm"
  10. It's a nonsensical argument as the Bible is considered a holy book within the Muslim faith also.
    The MRSA argument holds rather more water.

    It's worth considering that of all the world's major religions there is only one "jealous God".... It's not Allah BTW.
  11. So the only book in a hospital to be linked to MRSA is the Bible :roll: and it just happens to be the one that muslims may find offensive.
  12. More than likely not ...It is Leicester we are talking about - twinned with Bradford.
  13. Firstly... the Bible is not offensive to Muslims, it is considered a holy book within the Muslim faith (didn't I metion this before?)

    When one goes to hospital one generally doesn't find the latest Tom Clancy or Dan Brown in ones bedside locker. One finds a Gideons Bible (why am I suddenly thinking about the Beatles?). Hence the notion that they may be considered a fomite.
  14. Please note: nobody in the news reports has said that Muslims asked for the Bibles to be removed: it's PC idiots worrying that they MIGHT cause offence. We're doing this sh1t to ourselves! 8O

    This is a country of Christian tradition, even if most don't practise. Other religions have usually been tolerated if not welcomed. All I ask is that the courtesy is returned, as I respected Islamic custom when I lived in Muslim countries.

    Oh yes - can the Christians please move their churches from all the pagan holy sites in Britain - my daughter is offended :twisted: