Removal from Post (non blameworthy)


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Check out AGAI67
I suppose it all depends in which post he/she is in and to what 'non-blameworthy' accusation he/she has alledgedly done.
I read somewhere recently that if a service person was to contravene the Armed Forces 'Values and Standards' then he/she is open to almost anything that the book (AGAI67) can throw at you.

So anotherwards, it depends on wether you are looking to remove someone from post or you are the one to be removed as to what side of the fence you are on?
You can be posted (or assigned now) if declared not suitable for post (i.e sacked).

I did when i was a full-screw - still picked up 2 CRs later though!

As already stated it depends on the circumstances. For example are you looking to remove someone from post - in which case you shouldn't be using a rumour website to get such information. However if it is you being AGAI'd then I suggest you speak to your CoC. Or are you looking to be moved from your post and using the AGAI procedure to make that happen - it is possible.
It is concerning a mate and his wife. He submitted paperwork for a move because of welfare reasons with Dr's letter. Then told would need to be put through as removal from post (non blameworthy ). He is getting a different story every time, is there a time line for this or can they drag their heels ? He is AGC so has to go up through the chain.

Bizarre situation, not willing to be quoted, unfortunately I don’t think you can AGAI yourself; it will be the CoC responsibility to commence proceedings.

If the dependant is that ill, go via AWS.
I am aware of a situation similar to this. If it is being done for welfare reasons then a removal from post non-blameworthy can be done.
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