Removal entitlement after signing off

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by ClynchG, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Signed off from the army, due out between April-June. Can't find anywhere that says much about whether we're entitled to removals or not?? When I eventually get to speak to welfare/housing I'd like to be prepared with some knowledge of my entitlements. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. No entitlement to removals for last/final move.
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  3. There's a thread on here somewhere about this, but if you can't be bothered looking for it, then nor can I.
  4. Even if it's an overseas posting? I knew that was the case for UK based, but was always led to believe that they would move you back from foreign lands!
  5. Paid to Dover, then you're on your own, unless you have submitted FTOD in final 2 yrs of service.
  6. I've finally managed to get everything sorted today. Finally something went right. We are entitled to last move from SFA to private address; And to whomever said I couldn't be bothered to look I certainly did and couldn't find anything on here or online with reference to terminating service and removals, there's an abundance of information on postings and final posting moves.

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  7. Sorry to disagree with some above but JSP 752, Ch 7, Para 07.0205c says service personnel are entitled to removals when "They are permanently assigned overseas but return to the UK on termination of service.". The nearest port of entry thing seems only to apply if you're in NI, the Scotish Island, Isle of Wight etc (07.0205e).

    But I'm no expert, so happy to be corrected....
  8. My bold for those thinking of remaining in Germany when the rest are pulled out in the future.
    This clause resulted in me not getting removals when leaving after 22 in 2007 as I had decided to stay in Krautland.
    It didn´t bother me as I was expecting it and I had moved stuff down to the new house using the trailer on the weekly commutes for the two years prior to discharge (bar a six-month break when I was away getting a good sun-tan).
    I am 100% certain a 4T or 8T would have been on a Dvr Trg detail covering approx the same distance for a round-trip should it have been required but I never needed it.
  9. Unles the rules have changed since 2007, I think ECE-Tech might have been "hard done by" too because 07.0205e seems to say that even those settling overseas are entitled in some part - "They are entitled to the move at sub-paragraph 07.0205c, but choose to settle other than in the UK. The cost of this move is to remain within the maximum cost of moving the PE to the UK on termination of Service. For the purposes of this rule, the notional cost of a move from the overseas duty station to Catterick Garrison will be used for comparison." I haven't quoted the whole para but you can look it up on Armynet etc if you're in that position...
  10. You are entitled to your last move paid for by the army as long as you are 50 mile away from where you have asked to settle. If you are moving overseas you are entitled to the cost of a notional journey from where you are posted to catterick garrison, which from Gutersloh is about £3500
  11. Hello Scaly_Officer,

    My post wasn´t meant as a moan or a complaint.
    Just as advice for anyone in a similar situation to what I was.
    Maybe I had just been advised by a clerk looking for a reason to deny it rather than one going through the rules to find out a reason why it couldn´t be denied.
    I am not bitter about it.
    As previously said, trucks & drivers would have been made available should I have required them.
    And my de-kit was a piece of piss, I tipped up with what I had and a list of what I was missing.
    The Clothing Storeman promptly tore up the list with the words that he had never raised a bill against anyone leaving after 22 years and he had no intention of changing. He then pointed me to the rag-bin where I could deposit anything I did not want to take away with me, and politely suggested I wouldn´t have much use for the S10 so he would appreciate it if I placed that on the counter. Before I could place the S10 on the counter, I first had to remove the de-kit cert which had already been signed as it was occupying the space.
  12. Seems that it might still be the same now as when I left in 1994.....I was serving accompanied here in NI and I recall it was from base to either port in UK mainland or place of my case London.
    As I was buying in NI I Was allowed base to residence