Remotely critical of Bush? Then dont go to!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bugsy, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. I just can't fückin' believe this! I was making an attempt to try and find out exactly why the mods on ruthlessly suppress any and all criticism about Babbeo Bush, when I was suddenly presented with the following:

    The thread on which this occurred can be found here:

    Is now the "Pravda" of Babbeo Bush? I can't honestly see what I did wrong. I know that when I joined, I let off some really hard shots at Babbeo Bush and his slimy cohorts and there was no comeback in the form of banishments or such.

    Are our colonial cousins losing their sense of balance? Is actually steered by Babbeo Bush and his slimy cohorts? I mean really?

  2. Cool.... wait til they get a load of my spleen venting ref the shaved chimp!
  3. Bugsy,

    Are you honestly surprised, mate?
  4. Not in the least surprised. GWB would readily censor a lot of things.

    TG for ARRSE!
  5. Didn't you start a thread about something very similar a month or two ago?

    Why did you think your reception there would be different this time?
  6. It is an offence under the US Military Code of Justice to criticise the C-in-C and therefore, on a military forum, you were always going to get that response.

    I went to Quantico Staff College and I quickly learned that no-one, and I mean no-one, will criticise Bush & Co when they are in uniform. Share a beer in their back garden sat around a fire pit and they loosen up a little, but only a little.

    When in Rome...

    Edit: I meant the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  7. So the brave defenders of the flag and the constitution for which it stands are denied their constitutionally amended right to free speech?

    Well, I never.....
  8. I was actually surprised at this one, crabtastic, because I didn't actually slag off Babbeo Bush. It was only that cünt ArOldFückinCop, or whatever his name is, who dabbed me.

    The point is that when I first subscribed to, it was possible to really lay into Babbeo Bush and his crowd and the arguments were healthily tossed between the two sides. But now you can't even make a mention of even the thought before some Bush clown rips into you. That's not what I call democracy and free speech.

  9. Regardless of personal opinion, most Americans have a very protective attitude re the office of the President of the United States, and in some ways I admire this, although at times it can be tiresome. On a number of occasions, when arguing with Americans, individuals have tried to unsettle me by insulting the Queen/ Monarchy, and have been nonplussed when their intentionally offensive comments had no effect; if you agree with them, they really can't cope at all!

    It's important to understand that the POTUS has a hugely important symbolic significance to most US Citizens: in a country where virtually all public offices are elected, and where it is an article of faith that anyone can be anything if they really want it enough (THE quintessence of American identity; the acme of "the American Dream"), the Presidency is the embodiment of all they stand for in the World. Most of the rest of the World tends not to think of politicians in such terms, so there can be a bit of a "culture gap" - insult POTUS at your peril!

    I have got into trouble on for pointing out the incoherent thinking of those who'd deny the right of Americans to express views with which they disagree whilst simultaneously banging on about "honor & duty" without thought for the Constitution they swore to uphold. To be blunt, I rapidly reached the conclusion that most were too thick to get it.
  10. How very ironic that the land of the free would act like one of its totalitarian enemies and suppress free speech. Shame.
  11. I can't stand the site and its not because of the Americans that post on there, it's the knobhead Brits that piss me off - posting as if they are the voice of Britain.
  12. Bugsy you realy should not be suprised! But at the same time lets not judge all septics by some of patrons of MilCom,as long as they stay there an dont come a trolling here who realy cares!
  13. And to add insult to injury, they've even deleted the Irish tricolour I had as my avatar! Fückin' ignorant Septic cünts!

  14. is full of fcukwits and redneck retards.
  15. Bugsy, you have been banned a few times from there though havent you?
    You really should get the hint :D