Remote areas at risk as Nato acts to protect Afghan cities

From The Times
December 24, 2009
Remote areas at risk as Nato acts to protect Afghan cities
Jerome Starkey ín Kabul
Families in remote parts of southern Afghanistan will be left to fend for themselves as a result of Nato’s plan to switch the focus of the campaign to securing towns and cities.

The top general in the area told The Times that most of the surge would be deployed to five districts in central Helmand and the area around Kandahar city, where most of the region’s population lives.

However, he insisted that troops in the four southern provinces would not abandon remote bases, as Americans forces have in the east. “One may not be able to focus on some of the areas where the population is very disparate and in those areas the population is going to be more involved in protecting themselves,” Major-General Nick Carter said.

He refused to say what help communities outside the Nato areas could expect, but he said that no one would be “left in the lurch”. “If the population feels it can secure itself, it will do that,” he said.
So the American forces have abandoned the bases to the east? Isn't that where all the taliban fighters and weapons are coming over from pakistan?
Hot spin from a unamed 2*PR man

"The surge will assist us in force protection. We are confident the Afghan Government can protect the population"

[Hopefully the nasty media won't notice that the closest thing that afghanistan has had to a government for many years is the taliban and they are the Afghan Government allowing the mayor of Kabul to perform his key role in the GFC with the provision of liquidity to distressed banks]

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