Remininscing Of The Good Old Days

With the ongoing threads of Top/Worst war films Toys/books ETC has this led to anyone trying to turn back the clock ?

Purchases that I've made due to some threads

Colditz - Complete set on DVD (old UK Gold copies)
Robinson Crusoe -- B/W

Warlords Annuals from 1977-1982
Victor Annuals 1977-1982

Stiil looking for a Tommy Gun on EBAY or a replica SLR (For my kids of course)

YES YES all very sad but if i knew back then what i know now i wouldnt of got rid of them !!

What purchases have you done to roll back the years?
A&BC Civil War - Bubble Gum Cards 1961 (gruesome for its time)............Here

A&BC Battle - Bubble Gum Cards 1965 (2WW in a similar vein).............Here

Had my own as a kid, but gone thrown out when I left home.

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