Remington Model 700 rifle. Deadly in more ways than you might expect.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. The thread "I just fucking shot myself" led me to search the internet for some information I had previously seen on telly as an hourlong documentary. This news item is just over a year old but still valid.

    If any ARRSEr owns - or knows anyone who owns - a Remington 700, kindly pass this along to them and possibly save a limb or a life.

    Press Release - Remington 700 Rifles Pose Dangerous Risk to Consumers

    A Remington engineer sussed out the problem decades ago and notified management, but they refused to take proper action. It was estimated that at the time the "fix" would have cost less then $1 per rifle.


    As an interesting aside to one of the court cases, a Remington factory engineer was in the witness box and handed the exhibit (rifle). In an effort to impress the jury as to the safety of the weapon, he worked the bolt and it dry fired.

    He certainly did impress the jury with that display.
  2. This Rifle has been out for eons and it's the first I've ever heard of it........ but 'feckin hell!'

    Why didn't this fact/rumour get spread by the users?.....also, I can't say that I've heard of many alleged ND's with this weapon.
  3. I'm shocked, the 700 is damn near iconic, Remington deserves to go bust.
  4. There was a rumour of this way back in the 1980s, that's why I went Parker Hale 1200 instead of a 700, in 82
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    As the delivered trigger has changed 3 times in my memory, a more specific piece of information would be useful....
  6. So let me get this right. The US government has less power to force a recall of badly-designed firearms than it has badly-designed Barbie dolls?
  7. Well if "We the People" decide to tell the US govt to go shit in it,s hat what are they gonna do, elections coming,stay loose guys and keep our seats.
  8. I get that bit. I don't get that they're happier to have government rush in to stop their kids choking on a teddy-bear's eye than they are to have it stop them blowing their brains out with a defective small-arm.
  9. Well, yes, that's the way it is. And it makes no sense whatsoever.
  11. They'll give up their guns when they fall out of their unexpectedly cold dead hands, a look of great surprise etched on to their cold dead faces, and not before.
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  12. Wasn't the Remington 700 the vietnam snipers rifle?

  13. Still is.

    In the USMC it's known as the M40 Series.
    In the US Army it's the M24

    I've used the M24 many times since it first came on issue and have never seen or heard of such an design flaw in the safety/trigger.

    Of course one method to ensure you dont shoot your infant is not to point it at him in the first place before loading unloading, but thats just me I guess.
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  14. Could that be because Marine Corps and Army armourers worked the rifles over before issuing them to the troops? As I recall from the documentary on telly, there were a number of police agencies who also experienced unanticipated discharges.
  15. I understood that the weapons were 'accurized' before issue - though whether or not that included a new trigger, I'm not sure. Off-the-shelf American rifles tend to have very heavy trigger pulls - legend has it that it is intended to minimise lawsuits over the results of NDs, though that may be a myth.