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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. dunno, but got all the stories about him 3 years ago... the YOs on our course got briefed not to go the same way as this reprobate. apparently he had a chance of getting off the speeding ticket, cos he called them on the phone and told them it was mistaken identity. it was when he pushed his pulheems and insisted on writing to them too that he got caught out, as his own letter was then presented as evidence of attempting to pervert the course of justice :)

    version we got told was slightly different to the one posted. apparently he wasnt in germany speeding. he got speed camera'd whilst on the pilots course in lincolnshire. when they sent the speeding ticket to him, he changed his number plates to/from BFG plates so he could say it wasnt him who got caught. of course the photo of this massive, distinctive-looking black guy behind the wheel of an identical car with a VRN that was linked to him one way or the other, meant some mirth as he was convicted of both the original speeding charge and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    i would have paid the £40 fixed penalty personally. wonder what stories he told them in prison!??
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Sounds interesting... background please?
  3. I'm not mentioning any names. However, there is an individual, who some may say has been promoted far beyond his capabilities and has difficulty keeping in touch with reality. This person lives in his own little fantasy land and tends to make things up as he goes along. For instance, this person has, on diffeent occasions, told me where he was born. On each occasion, the place of birth was a completely different location. One of them was even in a completely different country. I'd like to take a look at his assessments. They must read like an Ian Flemming novel! The description of Idi Amin is completely out in the looks department, but strikingly similar in the size and shape!

    Thats it, I will divulge no more. Those who know him will probably recognise him from this anyway.

    Regards to all in this forum

  4. Surely some of you out there must know who i am on about.
  5. No-ones going to admit to it unless you spill more beans!
  6. sorry mucker, don't even know any big black men in the int corps! :)
  7. Well it wasn't me
  8. He ain't black, but he is rather rotund and sweats alot.
  9. He ain't black, but he is rather rotund and sweats alot.

    That could be one of many in the Int Corps!!!
  10. Hmmm, this thread looks very familiar.

    Cost my boss a lot of work time last time round.

    Will it achieve the same again or will people get carried away a screw a great thread?

    Perhaps no names this time...
  11. Strangely, the link no longer exists.
  12. it got pulled months ago (october/november). apparently some of the stories were just too funny to be allowed in the public domain.
  13. People almost spelt out who the guy was and thus it was pulled.

    A great shame...
  14. tears, is your boss one of the mods of the officer forum then?