REMFs vs Infantry

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by tomahawk6, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. Ha Ha You obviously wern't with 209 Sig sqn(telic II) Who whilst the rest of the Bde were going around with Soft hats and untucked shirts. were wearing brets and stable belts. In the summer!(not quite the badge ordered this on sept 1st)
    Oh to be a scalie and get laughed at all the time. I love it
  2. Nice to see that it's not just a British Army problem. I used to think it was just us who had too may 'pricks with sticks' cutting around with f*ck all to do but complain how blokes who work for a living aren't wearing the right headdress / badges / boots etc. F*cking clowns. :roll:
  3. The funny thing is that Black Horse has NO room to talk trash. They used to be (and still are) some of the grungiest troops in the Army back at NTC.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I remember being pulled up in Bessbrook by a Scots Guards Canteen cowboy for wearing cam cream, webbing and weapon whilst trying to get some food after the third night of a dry hole ambush! Giving this 3 stripe wonder short shrift and putting a mag on my table next to my rifle he got the hint and came back with his RSM. he was a reasonable chap and ordered the duty slop jockey to make extra food for or next trip!
    Some sense on ops. None of them like us being in their mill! Bloody travellers, they'd be back in Germany or Hounslow in 4 months and we'd still be there!
  5. On my last tour one old hand said to me:

    "Boss, the lads prefer to be outside the wire where people are shooting at them than in here with all the bullshit" It was more stressful in camp, the place where the guys were supposed to recover!
  6. Agreed. Any badge man seen packing a pace stick (especially ones with DPM carry cases - take note sigs) to go on an operational tour should be removed from post immedietly.
  7. I concur, heartily.

    You've heard of 'G3 snobbery' but a certain big camp in the GIFA had an all-pervasive G4 virus that attacked the friendly G3 anti-bodies. It was like a strange parallel universe where the world was indeed flat and us infantry were talking Chinese to the lot running the place. While they were working strictly 9-5 we were 1/2 coy with the job of 2 coys. There were so many bone jobs trickling down and so many Corps, Various, seniors with too much time on their hands to make up petty rules that the blokes often preferred to live in the QRF accom for days on end. I had to 'rescue' someone from the clutches of some camp Hitler after he asked if he was allowed to blink, or was that banned as well.

    Once I remember getting a crash-out, abandoning a newspaper on a table in the mess tent and then returning at next day's dinner to look up and find a WO2 brandishing a paper at me - 'what's this then sir?'
    '[pause] what?'
    'What was this doing on the table? You can't just leave it there, it wasn't even folded, blah blah blah'
    Cue me - [is this a wind-up? No!] 'Right, outside, NOW!' and then putting some things into perspective for him. Very catharctic, I have to say. I'd recommend it. Come to think of it, I spent more time in conflict with people with clipboards than I did with people with AK47s.
    I think the time I stopped caring was when I had a summons to someone 'important' to explain why I'd refused to help some 2Lt's 'surge operation' by lending men to his vital mission. In between hoots of manic laughter I explained that I didn't see that building a chuffing swimming pool and relaying a patio (for twas his mission) were as important as the guys having rest in between convoy escorts, patrolling and (you've guessed it - we're TA after all) stagging on at the gate.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Please then dont forget that lesson when its your turn to dole out the sh*tjobs boss!
    My best pln cmdr worked his nuts off for his lads, he was an ex 1RGJ Rfn and had more respect from us than any other, we were spared crap jobs by him and our eminently sensible Pln Sgt Boothy. Cheers PJ and Paul top men!
  9. Well huzzah and hurrah! I'm glad PJ and Paul worked out alright for you. Even if they were RGJ. Here's to all conscientious officers who look after their blokes - "chink" [that's my glass chinking against yours, by the way]
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ta much mucker Paul and PJ were LI, PJ was ex 1 slack jacket. top bananas though, Paul suffered for his lads and we tried to repay him and PJ with loyalty. prob was you couldnt turn down courses they offered you even if you knew you were being gently stiffed. Good lads badly missed, I hope they are both doing well!
  11. The BSM of our attached Battery on BATARRSE decided to give me a grilling on the dustbowl after coming in at the end of the exercise because I was in rag order (hadn't cleaned my boots, had ripped combats, smelt, unshaven etc, etc). I'd just spent 24 days on the area 17 of those days without a Vehicle (my spartan was written off funnily by one of the FOOs Warrior OPVs when it reversed over the front of mine) with just my daysack and webbing for company and all the clag an MFC carries. I had spent most of that time foxtrot, thumbing lifts, scrounging food and water and wearing the same clothes, and what had you been doing Sergeant Major? apart from the square route of jack S**t, yes I thought so!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    A familiar tale I'm afraid, my sole saving grace was I looked a bag of Shite tied loosley around the middle in all but no2 according to my CSM. A look I admit took me years to cultivate ie the field soldier. Boots with green cord laces, tropical trousers and a smock in the field. Webbing with clips removed and rivets and utility straps instead. Waterbottle pouches and Padmine bags instead of Kidneys. Oh how I was hated. Mind it wouldnt have mattered if I had been any good at anything beyond Gonking!
  13. Outside areas in NI always got my goat, what a load of bollax and we looked stupid to boot. Got so bad that one guy told me as he did his 5 and 20 m check he picked fag butts up (for our septic cousins translate that to cig ends, I don't want you thinking our lads were active in the Irish Gay community)

    Other great example was in Bos when a TA Sgt was sent to us after esccaping a fate worse than hell, he was employed to be a HHI for the Lt Gun Bty which was removed from theatre, being in the TA he had signed up for 6 months and had to be gainfully employed, first job he had was as RP Sgt at Rear Ech with the RSM, the RSM had set up a Camp WO post and he had 2 RP Sgts whose main job was wandering around camp with a stick picking up soldiers sideburns and ordering areas to be cleaned. He was so happy when he came to my det, for a Gnr Driver post 8O
  14. You know what, had almost exactly the same issue in bessie my self, was took over by Royal and turned into HMS Bessbrook, order of the day was no weapons or combat jackets in the Galley, was a real fcking problem as had to come off patrol, leg it up the metal stair case, wash don a JHW lock our gats away and then leg it back down stairs to grab some food beofer re-deploying

    We started ordering rat pack to eat in the feild becuase of this and got the big FO due to cost