REMEs stand idly by?

Discussion in 'REME' started by catchyerselfon, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. "Men, women and children were ferried to safety and, ever mindful of local and religious protocol, local national women were helped by Afghan men while the REME [Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers] craftsman stood in the shallower water to assist. After everyone was moved to safety our efforts switched to the vehicles.

    Well in the REMEs (although i guess there is a bit more to this in fairness)

  2. Something's changed between your quote and what's currently displayed on that link - no mention of a REME Craftsman

  3. Check the TRF. REME if I'm not mistaken. HCR LAD?
  4. I'm not disputing it's REME - I was referring to catchyerselfon's quote which indicated that it was a REME Craftsman who was in the shallow water - when according to the info on the link they posted it was in fact a REME WO2
  5. Nick was attached to HCR. He is now back in the UK recovering from injuries sustained during this incident.
  6. On Wednesday it was written as above i cut and pasted it in (im far too lazy to write it out).
    The little tinkers, wonder if someone up high had a whinge and it was changed.

    If they have the power to take out Fugly who knows... HQ DEMOSSAD???

    Glad it was changed, like i said i thought there was more to it!

    (Speedy Recy to Mr Nick too from what Spaz said)
  7. He's ok I think, just knacked his legs a bit.
  8. @OP


    What sort of abbreviation is that?

    Thought there was a bit of mud slinging when I saw the thread title, but you managed a nice back pedal there. :)