On the 11th day of the 11th month I thought I'd post this link to show that as we remember that the battlefields of france and flanders are still giving up there secrets and the victims of the 1st World War.
These chaps have appeared on numerous regional and national tv programmes and were accused by one tabloid style tv programme of being grave robbers.
Thanks for that BlackCat, incredible site.

The Dutch have a real thing for Military history and Archaeology it seems. A cloggie mate is actively involved with the RnethAf in recoveries, and is currently working on recovering a Lancaster from the Ijsselmeer. I'll move this thread to Military history tomorrow, and include some pictures of the work he's been doing.

The work done by genuine recoverers, many of them amateurs, is very very important. Without the work of this Dutch team, those remains may have disappeared forever.

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