Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by desmond, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. This call sign will be at the Vic on Great George Street, Leeds tomorrow. With 42 Commando. But I am not a commando. Lol
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Ill be in The Goat Major in High Street Cardiff, toasting absent friends
  3. You're not even a Lt Col
  4. And you didn't 'laugh out loud' when you typed that...

    ...did you? Eh? EH? Why I oughta...:shakefist:
  5. I'll be rolling past the Cenotaph.

    Square away the textspeak desmond, after 430 posts you should know it's not acceptable on ARRSE.
  6. It will be the first time on parade for our new branch of the RBL. Some numpty volunteered to be Standard Bearer and is now beginning to wish he hadn't! It's also the first time the Legion has provided the Parade Marshall.

    We will remember them.
  7. In London? If so I'll keep a watch for you on the telly.

    We're Zulu + 3 here so a small service starting soon.
  8. He was getting old and paunchy
    And his hair was falling fast,
    And he sat around the Legion,
    Telling stories of the past.

    Of a war that he once fought in
    And the deeds that he had done,
    In his exploits with his buddies;
    They were heroes, every one.

    And 'tho sometimes to his neighbors
    His tales became a joke,
    All his buddies listened quietly
    For they knew where of he spoke.

    But we'll hear his tales no longer,
    For ol' Bob has passed away,
    And the world's a little poorer
    For a Soldier died today.

    He won't be mourned by many,
    Just his children and his wife.
    For he lived an ordinary,
    Very quiet sort of life.

    He held a job and raised a family,
    Going quietly on his way;
    And the world won't note his passing,
    'tho a Soldier died today.

    When politicians leave this earth,
    Their bodies lie in state,
    While thousands note their passing,
    And proclaim that they were great.

    Papers tell of their life stories
    From the time that they were young,
    But the passing of a Soldier
    Goes unnoticed, and unsung.

    Is the greatest contribution
    To the welfare of our land,
    Some jerk who breaks his promise
    And cons his fellow man?

    Or the ordinary fellow
    Who in times of war and strife,
    Goes off to serve his country
    And offers up his life?

    The politician's stipend
    And the style in which he lives,
    Are often disproportionate,
    To the service that he gives.

    While the ordinary Soldier,
    Who offered up his all,
    Is paid off with a medal
    And perhaps a pension, small.

    It is not the politicians
    With their compromise and ploys,
    Who won for us the freedom
    That our country now enjoys.

    Should you find yourself in danger,
    With your enemies at hand,
    Would you really want some cop-out,
    With his ever waffling stand?

    Or would you want a Soldier--
    His home, his country, his kin,
    Just a common Soldier,
    Who would fight until the end.

    He was just a common Soldier,
    And his ranks are growing thin,
    But his presence should remind us
    We may need his like again.

    For when countries are in conflict,
    We find the Soldier's part,
    Is to clean up all the troubles
    That the politicians start.

    If we cannot do him honour
    While he's here to hear the praise,
    Then at least let's give him homage
    At the ending of his days.

    Perhaps just a simply headline
    In the paper that might say:

  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Do you want to be the one that tells him he's been crated? :)

    Dingerr - Post Parade drinks at the Westminster Arms if you want to join us. Keep smiling when you get into Parliament Sq, I'll have my lens on you!!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I call Dingerr as crated after today on Radio 4!
  11. Seconded! Saw him going past on the parade.

    Edited to add: So is that a radio crate and a TV crate so far?:thumright:
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I actually only heard him but named and shamed was enough, I was driving away from our local parade with Radio 4 on in the car. I would usually stop for a swift half but far too many national defence medal types and I'd promised my oldest lad we would do a quick round of clays.
  13. I was in London today at Cenotaph despite Southeastern trains' engineering works (why this Sunday?) Very special. Loved it when WO1 Bill Mott OBE told the plods to get out the way

    Yesterday I was at the War Widows wreath laying, great pipe band though not sure who they were

  14. maybe something to do with the fact that life and work goes on?
  15. I don't think a media whore should be crated.

    A lot of people came to speak to me, must have been the uniform and not the animal magnetism. At one point a WW2 SAS veteran with a chest full of medals, was talking to me, I was absolutely gobsmacked to meet someone you normally only read about.

    It was amusing to see a a Guards WO1 be caught out though (and I don't mean in a nasty way); As we approached the Cenotaph we could hear the step being called, as we neared I realised it was the aforementioned WO1 he looked at me and it seemed he was at a bit of a loss, he just said "crack on mate". i guess wheelchair drill isn't in the drill manual.

    A truely awesome and humbling occasion.