Remembrance Video for Major UK Charity - Photographs Needed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RFUK, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Hello all you good people.

    I'm currently creating a video of remembrance for a major UK forces charity. The purpose of the video is to remember our fallen, inform about PTSD and other problems faced by ex-forces personnel and show people what the charity is doing to help. The video will be emotionally powerful and is designed to show, above all, that behind the uniform soldiers are people.

    You can view another video I created here:

    This video will also feature pictures of our fallen. The problem I have is that some of the pictures supplied to me by the MoD are shockingly low in quality. Others are very impersonal.

    To that end, this is a request for photographs of any British serviceperson who has been killed in the last 5 years (or thereabouts). Particularly, I require photographs in a family setting or around friends (the pub for example).

    If you have any pictures, you can email them to or drop me a PM. Any questions can be addressed here or in private.

    All photographs will be treated with the utmost respect.


    (Just for the record, this post was cleared first with PTP.)
  2. RF - watched the remembrance day vid... excellent.
  3. Thanks. The video I'm creating now will be along the same lines, but shown to a much larger audience. The idea is to create the same emotional impact and, with a bit of luck, to start changing the public attitude.
  4. You must remember that photographs of fallen soldiers have family and relatives still living, now it might be done in the best possible taste but it will still badly affect those fallen soldiers that can be reconized
  5. Good Video.
    Without wishing to sound callous, will you consider making some representation of those who have come back in disrepair and will have to live out a new life with often little help from the authorities.
    We can and should always remember the fallen, but those in need now are the living personnel who lost limbs and suffer other injuries that will change their lives for ever.
  6. I realise it's a sensitive issue, and two mates of mine are featured in the videos. However, 55,000 people have seen the first video I created and I have had emails from several of the families of those featured who were supportive. Not once have I had a negative email or comment (from a family member that is).

    Because this video is for a major charity, families will be contacted through official channels and their permission sought before they are included in the video. I should have mentioned than in the initial post.
  7. One of the major points which will be brought up in this video is about soldiers who are disabled or face daily care challenges.

    It will also feature those with financial problems, the homeless, and will not forget the families who often take the greatest strain.
  8. RFUK, I can probably help you on Adam's very valid point , let me ask those concerned and come back to you.

    I'd need a broader synopsis, can you PM me one please?
  9. Would it be too much to ask who the charity is?
  10. Not at all, but because I'm not using the official channels to collect information, they've requested that I not mention them by name - At least on the board. Anyone who wants to know can contact me by PM.

    Adam & PTP, check your PMs.
  11. [Edited following PM.
  12. Adam, please understand that RFUK has his own PERSEC to thnk about, as well as his client's campaign not being prematurely exposed?
  13. PM Read & understood. :salut:
  14. I thought the video was excellent. Good luck in your efforts and I look forward to seeing the final result.
  15. Thanks for your comments. The link will be posted on ARRSE when it's released.