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Just in by email which may be of interest. Perhaps you'd like to meet up again with your bezzer from basic or the bloke who saved your life that time?

I'm a Researcher on the ITV1 series 'Surprise, Surprise', which gives deserving people around the UK special treats. A very central part of our format are reunion items, and for our show due to air on Remembrance Sunday, we'd like to facilitate and film a military reunion.

Would you and the Army Rumour Service be able to help spread the word? We have an established working relationship with a professional tracker who helps to reunite adopted children, old friends and former workmates from all around the world.

We film these reunions in our studio in London, having looked back at the person's story and finding out why they're keen to meet up with the person they're reuniting with. This filming would be around a month before Remembrance Day, but shown on the day itself.

We are also looking for extraordinary people who have gone over and above the call of duty, be it in the workplace or helping out a friend or family in a time of need.
Note that this isn't Princess Productions again. Not only have they had the decency to contact us first but they're also not daft enough to provide a personal email address!

You can contact them at
#2 long as the bitch doesn't sing.
I wasn't going to do this but you made me. It would appear that Cilla is no longer working there

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Bezzer? How old are you ffs BCO.


I would like to see again the recruiting Sgt at the ACIO I went through, he reckoned I would last two weeks, owes me a tenner with interest,

Sgt B****r
Hmm...there are a few that I haven't seen or had contact with since I left the service, that I wouldn't mind having a beer or 10 with again. We could perhaps set back Canadian-German relationships 70 odd years back again.
I'd like to meet the young man from Belfast who nearly broke my jaw with a brick in 1977 during a riot.

I'd like to tell him that the Criminal Injuries compensation money for the injury came to a lot of cash for someone on a private's pay in those days, and that my new wife and I made very good use of the cash in various bars in Gibraltar.

And then I'd punch his lights out on camera.


I`d like to meet up again with the lying twat from RAF Careers Office, who told me I was joining `One of the Big Three`;

And then I`d punch his lights out on camera!
Gawd. How excruciating. It sounds like the crawling unease you get when being asked to answer questions from the DVA type about some previous colleague, but multiplied a thousand-fold. "You thought you'd seen the last of Tpr Knuckles Murphy when you prised his fingers off the balcony he was dangling from, but we've flown him, his iron lung and his seven brothers five thousand miles to be with you tonight".......


Mostly I was my own worst enemy and deserved most of the shit I got, however.... I lwould love to meet up with the fat ginger tosser from my Rapier course in 1984. He gave us sprogs no end of crap and me in particular, I would dearly love, I'd pay to thump his fat face.


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Why not set up a reunion between Princess Productions, and ARRSE?
I`d like to meet up again with the lying twat from RAF Careers Office, who told me I was joining `One of the Big Three`;

And then I`d punch his lights out on camera!
Or you'd wait for him to get hurt by someone else and then punch yourself in the face as proof of being involved?

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