Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday last year in Brigg (Nth Lincs) was disrespecful to say the least, I stood waiting for the parade to arrive at the town memorial for 11:00 am.

I waited with others who are forces and ex forces and we waited and waited, then at 11:50 am the parade came into view and they held the silence at midday.

After the parade was over I made strong representation to the Brigg Town Council who run this parade, they tell me it has always been so, even when the RBL ran it up to some five years ago.

I wrote a letter, I brought it up and the Annual Town Meeting and yet they seem entrenched in their attitude of keeping it at 12:00 midday.

At the Brigg Town Council meeting, a councilor who said he had checked all the details of the WWW, informed me the timing was something to do with an event in 1917 on the front! REALLY?

Although THEY the council seen unable to move forward on this one and I was not alone in voicing my complaints and gave my reasons why, I added if it was good enough for 'Her Majesty' perhaps Brigg could follow her lead?


I assume this has been this has been the format for the parade for some time. Do Brigg RBL know the reason why?
Alas, there is no RBL here in Brigg, although I have tried to reinstate one, the uptake has been poor.

The RBL that was here in Brigg folded about 5 years ago and it has been the CIVILIAN Town Council who have arranged the parade on the Sunday.

What got up my nose is, when one of the councilors who claims he has read War Books, put the motion forward to keep it at 12:00 midday, saying if it is not broken, why fix it. Yet there was representation made to the Town Council from a number of EX servicemen, both enlisted and ex officers, who asked if the timings could be changed.

When on the meeting they had, it was on the agenda, yet no one from the council asked any of those who wrote in to attend and they took it upon themselves to make the ruling and ignore the feelings of those who HAVE served "Queen and Country", typical Brigg though, total bloody apathy!

I have been in touch with RBL Lincolnshire and await their impute and direction on this matter, as well as the local press being informed.

Charlie B
In my neck of the woods the RBL run a local parade at 1100 Hrs then the council run another at 1500 Hrs FFS. They will not move it to the standard timings.
WE are talking about ONE horse towns with a mentality to match!

Respect can't be bought, it has to be earnt!

One of the problems is, the APATHY of the many in market towns around the UK towards what the forces are doing now and lets not forget those who went before!

As there are those who see having a poke at UKLF now, is poking this shower of sh1te of a gobberment.

IF we don't get it changed, then WE will have TWO lots attending the cenotaph here in Brigg and at the proper time, and the other lot who can't show the proper respect, bloody CIVVIES!!
alas the RBL is closeing meny clubs... and with that the poppy suffers.. no one is going to the clubs these days, its a pity ale.. food,, and entertainment.. if you dont use it you will loose it..

at least around here we still have ours (just )

We will remember them .

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