Remembrance Sunday where were you?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dunc0936, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Just come back from Eastbournes Rememberance Parade, really good turn out this yr, good to see lots of youngsters there, and the rain held off as well

  2. The first year I have missed my local one for ages, managed to bunk off work for an hour and attended the one in Swindon, very good turnout, 2 bands, loads of cadets and bucket loads of rain!
  3. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Great turnout in Stourbridge. Plenty of youngsters,even the tracksuit wearing chavs managed to poppy up and attend. Did give me a glimmer of hope. Only marred by some posh boot old enough to know better who thought it was appropriate to hold a long loud mobile phone conversation during the wreath laying.
  4. Lowestoft, a nice turnout on the seafront, weather fine :) .

  5. Sailing up the Bonny River in Nigeria.
    Managed to watch the service on Sky news.
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    In Bangkok, been on a train all day just to see some sunflowers and a large reservoir :S

    Flying to Singapore on the 11th. Will try to catch up on On demand. Its 7 hours ahead here.
  7. Cyprus, and due to the time difference managed to get in to watch the parade on BFBS nice one.
  8. Just finished watching the Cenotaph live. 11 Nov is a public holiday here in France and I will be attending the RBL service in Notre Dame de Paris as usual along with a couple of arrsers who are kindly coming to help out.

    edited to correct typo in title !!!
  9. Just back from Denny & Dunipace. Lots of bling on show but a good turn out from the community and some Ancien Combattants marching with the British vets.

    Cup of tea in the Church Hall almost bad enough to have come from compo.
  10. Sheffield War Memorial. Lashed down with rain, but a decent turnout. Plenty of gongs old and young. Everyone on the look out for students.
  11. Just come back from Broak Barracks in Reading where me and another Ex Guardsman attended on behalf of the local Prison. Good turn out to be fair.
  12. Can someone please correct the title, thank you!
  13. Great turnout at Tynecastle stadium in Edinburgh , a few fair number of young people

    Could have done without the bible bashing from the Salvation Army Major and it seemed that he and the young woman sitting beside me were the only ones singing , but I only attended to remember Britain's war dead - not to get religion stuffed down my throat
  14. Watched the one from Camp Bastion this morning on TV. Then went and took part in service at Loftus, North Yorks. Ist parade in the Britannia pub. Really good turn out and a bi-plane that dropped poppies. The rain managed to stay away.
  15. I had to watch the coverage on the BBC this morning as I'm in the middle of unpacking after moving house