Remembrance Sunday turn out how was yours ?.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by wheel, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Another good turn out at the Memorial Gardens in Tunstall Stoke on Trent. Especially warming was the turn out from the local Asian community. There appears to be a growing number now each year.
  2. I popped out of work for the service at Egremont, for a small market town the turn out was excellent, the Legion did their stuff in time honoured tradition, no-one can quite do a Ceremony like the Brits.

    The police closed off the town for the duration, no traffic at all, nice to see.

    Chuffin cold though :fish:
  3. Bletchley was a good turnout. As already said, an increasingly impressive turnout from our Islamic friends and a surprisingly growing attendance from some foreign newcomers to our shores, many a strange accent heard in the area.

    Only one little bugbear, many parents attending to watch the service just told their kids to play nearby. I'm not talking about little kids who you can't expect to keep quiet really, these weres older kids and teenagers yelling and screaming throughout the silence.
    Other than that a great service as every year.

    Then rush home to watch the march past at the cenotaph
  4. Was the only Brit to stand outside for 5 mins silence at 1058 hrs at my location in Baghdad. (5 mins cos I didn't want to miss it!)

    Was furious at the two other Brits, cheesed off with the NZ guy and expected apathy from the spams.

    One of the Brits (claims to be a former marine of some description - seriously doubtful now) claimed he didn't even know what month the Remembrance service was held - cock!
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Stcuk at home as the old legs have decided to not to play this morning. Watching on the telly just seen a bunch of FANY's in cs 95's Gord Bless Em they could give me first aid.
  6. Just a civvie here. Abingdon turnout was good I think. The square was packed and it was difficult for people to move out of the way once the parade was to march past the County Hall for the Lord Mayor's salute...

    Heard some older people mention that it's been the best turnout in years for Remembrance Day here.

  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    We had a quiet service in Thruxton. A good turnout considering the size of the village.
  8. Odiham had a good turnout from the village but, notwithstanding current commitments, a disappointing turnout from the RAF Station. Excellent sermon from the RAF Padre though.
  9. Have to have this wee chunter!

    Arnold, Nottingham - the local park, 10.55 this morning there were about 30 of us looking confused and a bit lost. I left at about 7 mins past, not a poppy was laid on the memorial and people seemed reluctant to leave without closure. How very sad!!
  10. Netheravon was a good turn out although there were definitely some No2's straining under the weight!!!
  11. Birmingham Service was well attended but wettish and freezing.

    I was particularly impressed with the 15 minute silence after the 'Going down of the sun.........'

    The Parade RSM was not amused! It would have helped if the Mayor had been properly briefed and could be understood too!

    Good showing by the Associations and the kids and especially one old veteran who, although provided with a wheelchair, marched round the War Memorial exhorting the fact that he was 91 next week and wasn't doing too bad. Good on him!
  12. Turn out in Long Eaton was very good, and only a couple of cadets fainted, bless.
  13. PRB gutersloh good turn out. awesome curry alfterwrds
  14. Unfortunately missed it due to sprog number 3 deciding to turn up early on our bedroom floor at half 2 in the morning

    Maybe he wanted to be on the parade as well ?!?
  15. Watched the national memorial on the box this morning. Was going to go to the Cenotaph (went for the first time last year), but I am on call this weekend. Any LoF sightings this morning?