Remembrance Sunday in France

Gentlemen, Ladies (Mesdammes et Monsieurs [SP?]),

I'll be in France on the nearest Sunday to 11/11/10 and was wondering whether the French do the same as us - I'd rather like to attend a remembrance day in Vichy France if they do.

Appreciate any wisdom on this one.

I believe that November 11th is a Public Holiday in France and ALL ceremonies take place in that day - though the one I have attended was on a Sunday (11/11/07);

This was in a small village on the Normandy Picardy border, full turn out by locals and every name on the War Memorial was read out followed by the words 'Mort pour la France'

On completion of the ceremony, every back to the Mairie - mine was the only Poppy on display as the French use a different display

PZULBA - Out of Africa (retired)

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