Remembrance Sunday - dress?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ash_p, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. I'll have passed out of phase 1 training two days before remembrance Sunday and will be in London. Was thinking of heading down for the laying of the wreaths, etc. but want to know what dress is acceptable for someone only just out of phase 1? No. 2's or just civvie shirt and tie jobbie?

  2. I find it commendable that someone just out of Phase 1 would take time out of their weekend off(?) to attend.

    Personally I would suggest that unless you are part of a formed parade then the civvies option would be best.

    Oh, and congratulations on your Passing Out!
  3. I'd look out of place in a dress!!
  4. If you are at home or with friends why not go to a local service-much more personal than the big one in town. If you want to wear uniform then do so, people will be interested in who you are and there might be a couple of free pints in it (always worked for me).
  5. Well I live up in Cumbria so just staying in London for a few days. I'll have my No. 2's with me though so wondered if I would be allowed to wear them on the Sunday. Some of the lads here reckon you're not allowed to wear them unless you have permission to? And if you are, would that be No. 2's and beret or No. 2 hat?
  6. Smart civvies is the best option, really. Just go, look smart, shoes highly polished and pay your respects. You'll be inside your Ginger suit plenty of times at this time of year if you stick around for any length of time. Besides which, those who matter will spot you as a Squaddie anyway.

    Those who know, know *Taps nose.*